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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Forget Me Not Show-n-Tell Part Two

This week, I'm immersed in creating two new fabric lines.  I tell ya...it's exciting and I'm already wishing I had the fabric to sew with.  It will be many months in production, but well worth the wait!  Coming much sooner will be two fabric lines already well into production.  One is a new wovens line and the other all cotton.  Did you know that wovens and/or homespuns are becoming very popular again?  I wanted to do a wovens line because they are prominent in so many early American quilts.
I'll be blogging about that very soon, with a bit of show-n-tell from my pile of antique quilts!

Speaking of show-n-tell......let's get started on the next batch of beauties from the Forget Me Not Sew~Along.....

Jan from Utah

Joyce from IL
Joyce S.

Judi from Illinois
Karen S. from Illinois

Kathy from Indiana

Kerry from Australia

Leanne B.
Lesley from Canada
Louise from Washington
Lynn from New York
 The next few photos are all from Jennifer G from Texas.  Jennifer sent me this photo of her Forget Me Not quilt....

Jennifer G from Texas
She added some fun things to her quilt, like this.....
Jennifer G from Texas

She played with several design elements and this is how her quilt turned out.......

Jennifer G from Texas
Just lovely....don't you agree??  Well....a little while later, I received another email from Jennifer that she just wasn't satisfied with the way the quilt looked....saying it needed a little something more.  So, using the scraps from her kit, she added a touch of applique, and sent me another photo......

Jennifer G from Texas
Jennifer...I think you were right!  You're intuition was spot on and your Forget Me Not quilt is lovely and unique....and you!!  Everyone did a great job and I've enjoyed each and every photo.  I hope you did, too.  More quilts in my next post. 

Enjoy your day.....


  1. It sure is fun seeing the different fabrics quilters selected for the quilt.

  2. Another wonderful parade of quilts! Such fun seeing the many versions!

  3. loved the show 'n tell! Praise the Quilt gods that homespuns are becoming more popular because right now...it is hard to find much of a selection!

  4. Wow! Each one is gorgeous! Gotta love all the extra in Jennifer G's though! That "last minute applique" really pulled it all together! Kudos!

  5. What lovely, lovely quilts! What a goal for me to make something similar with your next sew along. Being new to your blog I didn't know you had fabric lines. I'm very excited and looking forward to buying them. I hope you will have pictures to share soon. I have some homespun but would like more. I know they make great biscuit quilts and I have a nice pattern book. I look forward to your blogs.