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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Humming Right Along

This is one of those weeks where there's just nothing fun or interesting to report.  I think about posting on the blog and wonder what I should say?  That I have orders to fill (gratefully, but not post material!), that I've finished my Spinning Wheel quilt and delivered it to my friend Ronda to quilt (yawn), that I'm writing several patterns and rechecking math (oh, come on!), and that I'm doing laundry?  I probably lost ya with that one, didn't I?  Yes...the glamorous life I lead!!

Well...one of the things I did that is definitely worth sharing is this scrumptious temptation......

This is a Tiramisu Cupcake.  Did I say it was divine?  Heavenly?  Delicious?  

It was very easy to make....really easy!  Not that it wasn't a bit of work, but all in all, easy breezy.

It tasted like a restaurant pastry chef would have made it.  I even whipped out the 'ol pastry bag to swirl the whipped cream on top.  

Last Saturday night, I had my neighbors over for dessert.  We live in a cul de sac, and we've gone out to dinner with these folks once a month for the last 18 years.  Needless to say, we have the best neighbors!  After dinner, we enjoy dessert and conversation (we take turns hosting).   They loved this cupcake and wanted the recipe.  

Perhaps you'd like the recipe, too?  I found it on Pinterest. 

Click here for a bite of heaven!

I sure hope I have more interesting stuff to report to you in my next post, or I'll be doing a lot of baking!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!


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