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Monday, February 25, 2013

Sewing Room Clean-Up

Last week, I finished a project that Deb and I have been working on since last summer.... not continuously, but here and there in between projects.  You know the J O Y that comes when you sew that last seam?!!  I'd love to show you, but it must remain a secret for now.  Hoping it won't be too long until I can share it with ya!  In the mean time, the creative mess that is my sewing room has got to go.  I can no longer stand it, so over the weekend, I began the sorting, folding and pitching.  I don't mind the mess while I'm working on a project (well, I do, but I've learned to ignore it!).  Afterward...I've got to get organized.  It's like erasing the chalk board in my head, allowing me to begin anew.  I already have fabrics on the design wall for the next quilt, a Journey Five quilt, and will share the progress as I go this week.  

In the meantime, I have a wonderful recipe to share with you.  This recipe came to me by way of Jeanne Horton of The Country Sampler quilt shop.  She posted it on her blog a long time ago.  I printed it shoved it in a file folder to make "someday".  Well....I'm so sorry I waited so long!!  

This is the most delicious frosting recipe I've ever had.  It's really easy to make and absolutely over-the-moon delicious.  I topped it on a batch of brownies, and would be wonderful on a cake or cupcakes....anything.  My kids thought it was just fine to eat in a bowl all by itself!!  Click here for the recipe.

Hope you're doing something fun today!
Cleaning is no fun.......Pam


  1. Thanks, I printed that one out quickly. I am trying to get organized as well and that just might give me a big enough sugar rush to get something accomplished.

  2. I am packing for my holiday to Thailand. Hard to imagine temperatures of 25'C when it's only 3'C here!
    That recipe looks wonderful, maybe the Mr will make it for me as a bon voyage treat!

  3. Our grand daughter and her her husband are coming in a couple weeks from Chicago (Rush student) for a visit and I think both would easily love this recipe..even though they eat very healthy 98% of the time. My sewing room needs almost a complete purging! After their visit perhaps.

  4. I love the idea of erasing the chalkboard in my mind! It describes cleaning up the sewing room perfectly.

  5. The picture came through but the recipe did not. I tried several times but no go. It looks to good not to have the recipe.

    1. Sorry your recipe didn't print. The most common reason for this is that you need to update your Adobe Reader because my version is "not talking" to yours. If you'd rather, you can email me and I'll send it to you that way. It is too good not to have!

      Hope this helps! Pam

  6. I know what you mean about cleaning up after a big finish. It's like a breath of fresh air. This recipe looks awesome. My DH is diabetic. I'm wondering if the Splenda and sugar free pudding would work for this. Karen S.

  7. I have to sweep each evening because I throw thread and scrapes on the floor then it gets on my slippers when I go potty and to the other floors. There is a garbage can there but I miss it. I have a dififficult time trying to keep projects seperated so i have started using bins. You are correct though, it is wonderful to finish a quilt.

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