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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Visiting The Smithsonian

I'm the only member of my family who has yet to experience the abundant treasures at our nation's capitol.  I'm aiming to fix that this fall and am planning a trip to DC.  Among the many historical offerings there are to see, I'd like to visit the quilt exhibits at the Smithsonian (among the bazillion other things in the museums!).  I'm a bit overwhelmed at the vastness of their website, so I thought I'd ask you, Dear Reader, if you have any advice for me.  I know that sometimes, the Smithsonian has special tours that allow you to see more than the quilts currently on exhibit, and I'll be looking for that info.  

Do you have any advice about the quilt exhibits and collections at the Smithsonian?  Any advice on visiting the Capitol and White House?  I have about 4-5 months to plan ahead.  Any help you can give me is most appreciated.  Thanks a bunch!

Back to my normal blog posts on Monday......


  1. I have no advice other than have fun! I've never been myself and it is something on my bucket list.

  2. We visited before I was a quilter so I didn't see the quilts. We spent a week and didn't see everything. Get a hotel near a subway entrance and use that as your transportation.(very clean and safe) Renting a car is too expensive to find a place to park it, the subway will get you everyway. If you can arrange a tour to see the city at night it's wonderful. I wasn't impressed with the White House tour. My most memorial was the Vietnam Wall to find my brothers name.

  3. I live outside DC in Virginia. You submit requests for a White House tour through your member of congress. Give them the dates you will be in town and be flexible. Can you believe I've lived here my whole life and never done it? You'll also want to go to the DAR museum. Contact them to set up a date to get a look at quilts that aren't on display. Hope you enjoy your trip.

  4. I would also encourage you to visit the DAR museum which has a wonderful quilt collection. It may not be on exhibit, but you may be able to have a private showing. Their museum is a wonderful place at any time of the year.


  5. Third-ing the suggestion for the DAR museum. LIke you, I'm the only one in my family who has never been to DC, but my sister goes every year and says their quilts are the best. Have a great trip!