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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hope Chest Relics

I showed you several blocks in my last post and promised to have photos of the finished quilt....so here it is.....

Hope Chest Relics

Hope Chest Relics is the name I've given this quilt and it's my latest design for Journey Five of the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle club.  

I adore the old, traditional Carolina Lily block, and the quilts all done in red and green, and I knew I wanted to make a small quilt version for the club.

I used fabrics from Pin Money.  I'm so happy with the way it turned out.  Next, it's off to Ronda's to be quilted.  Hhmmm.....how should we quilt this?  That's usually a hard question.  Do you struggle with this, too?  I'm thinking cross hatching in the center around the blocks and applique? Any suggestions?

The Pin Money and Prairie Wovens finally arrived!!!!

The kit cutting has begun!  We have several hundred kits to cut and mail.  We will be working to cut and assemble all of the Nabby's Dowry Sew~Along kits as quickly as we can.  Don't worry!  I won't begin the sew-along until everyone has their fabric!  Stay tuned right here for all the latest info about the sew-along.  It will begin later this month!!  Well....better get back to the cutting table....


  1. I LOVE this, Pam! What a beautiful, classic little quilt!!
    I think cross-hatching helps maintain the vintage look very well and would be an excellent choice here.

  2. Ah red and green, I thought it was red and grey DOH! must be my monitor, but it looks fab in red and grey Pam!
    I shall watch with interest to see hoe you decide to quilt this.

  3. This really turned out cute. You are so talented..

    As for quilting.. that is always a hard question for me..

  4. I do like how crisp this quilt looks. Lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I LOVE this quilt. Can't wait for Journey 5!

  6. I love this small quilt! It is beautiful! I love the Carolina Lily!!

    I am so happy to hear that your fabric has arrived. I sure hope you have lots of help with the cutting of it! I'll wait patiently for mine :D


  7. Lovely quilt and I'm blown away by the look of your Prairie Wovens. I will definately be looking for your fabric, such rich, primitive colors.

    Nancy in MT

  8. Love this block! I can't wait for the next Prairie Women. We have a great group and this will be my third round at the Quilter's General Store in Rockford, IL.