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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Introducing Nan's Fancy! A New Pattern!!

Finally!  After what seems like forever....my new pattern featuring my American Gothic fabric collection is here!!
Introducing......Nan's Fancy!

The blocks are a variety of American Gothic fabrics so they're  scrappy, and there's only two fabrics used in the setting of the quilt to give your eye a place to rest.  I love how these simple blocks create quite the stunning contrast on the inside of the quilt, and the pieced border gives the illusion of a scallop border facing inward! 

Why call the quilt Nan's Fancy??  Well......
You may know that my fabric collection was named after the famous painting named American Gothic.  In my research, I read that the painter, Grant Wood, used his dentist as the man in the painting, and his sister, Nan as the woman.  Interestingly, they actually never stood together to pose for Grant. He thought they looked like a simple couple that would have lived in the 1800's, and dressed them as they would have dressed then, and purposefully added the pitch fork, pot of flowers, and barn, to signify domesticity of the era as well.  So...I decided to name the pattern after Grant's sister, Nan....and, tongue in cheek, added the word "fancy" because she is so NOT fancy!  They're just plain folk...and I think they're just fine the way they are!  That's my story.  The black in their clothes really sets off the other muted colors in the painting, I think, as it so often does in our quilts!

Here's a few more photos of my Nan's Fancy quilt.  Remember...I'm sooo not a good photographer, so please excuse the photo quality.  

Guess What?  You can order a kit!

I'm taking pre-orders to kit 
Nan's Fancy and ship in October!! 

The kit includes all the exact fabrics I used for the quilt top 
and binding, includes U.S. postage, AND....
I'll include the pattern for FREE!!!

Click here to pre-order your Nan's Fancy kit.  

Click here to pre-order the Nan's Fancy pattern.

Remember...orders will be processed in early October!


  1. Very, very pretty, Pam! I love the faux scalloped border!
    Thanks for the insight into the name, and hence, the painting.
    My daughter and don-in-law went as this couple to a Halloween party last year. They dressed as the couple and carried a picture frame to hold in front of them! It was great. : )
    I've finished all of my Nabby's Dowry blocks in the batiks. Can't wait for the surprise setting.

  2. Did you quilt it? Love the pattern.

  3. I really like the quilting pattern. Does is have a name?

  4. That's a really cool quilt, and it's wonderful in your new fabric! Can't wait to see more of what you are doing with American Gothic. And thanks, too, for the info about the painting and painter!

  5. I have got to get this kit. When I was a child (many years ago, I'll be 70 in November) people always would call me "Fancy Nancy". I have no idea why, unless it was because they just rhymed. When you first talked about your pattern "Nan's Fancy" you got my attention. We have lived in an 1800's farmhouse for over 40 years. I appreciate the history lesson about this painting, thanks so much.

  6. Gosh this is really cool, Pam. Awesome design to use your stunning fabrics. Love the story behind the name. Sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for(your) Friday!!

  7. So glad you posted more photos of this quilt. It is a beauty! Love the back-story on the painting as well.

  8. Hi there! Nice stuff, do keep me posted when you post again something like this!
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