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Friday, September 13, 2013

Nabby's Dowry Sew~Along Part Eleven

I sure hope that you have been enjoying the blocks we've made so far.  Can you believe we're almost at the end of our sew~along?  It's gone by so fast!  Here's your next block...

Arrange (8) light squares and (8) HST as shown.  

Sew together as you have all of the other blocks.  This time, though, MAKE (4) blocks!  Yup....you need four of these babies!  They should all measure 6 1/2" unfinished.

I'm so jazzed for next Friday's post when I can reveal what the quilt looks like!!!  I've been planning this quilt and sew-along for many months.  We're almost there!!  

So...next Friday, we'll meet again.....same place, same time!!


  1. So I caved this week, and I have been trying to get caught up on the blocks. I was feeling pretty good about it, because I am sewing up my fourth and have the other five on design boards ready to sew. Then you throw 4 more blocks at me. My goodness, that was a curve ball I wasn't expecting. You've got me very curious about the outcome. How do you lay out 13 blocks? Oh, you are a tricky one! : )

  2. OHHH I know!! It's an on-Point setting---wonderful. Love the Geese all flying NORTH! Fall is coming! Thanks for another great HST Block, Pam!

  3. So glad you waited till this week to make 4 blocks. I have kept up with you but have been canning and freezing vegetables from garden. Your instructions have been great my squares are 6 1/2 perfect each week. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  4. Have my first nine finished and I have to say I haven't figured out a trend. I do like them and look forward to working on this week's. Also almost have A Gentleman Caller finished-175 bow ties. The light backgrounds are all cut from a 100% linen dress size 22 that fortunately no longer fits. The bow ties and setting squares are all homespuns-each tie is different.Glad the quilt hasn't been as hard as losing those 81 pounds!

  5. Oh Pam, the plot thickens - I"m with the others--- very curious!! Thank you :-)

  6. I finally finished these late yesterday evening.