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Monday, May 5, 2014

Flickr Group For Market Day Sew-Along!!

You're invited to join the Market Day Sew-Along Flickr group!!  I must confess that this was not my idea.  It's a great idea, but it wasn't mine.  Rachael Ferrera wrote me an email suggesting we start a Flickr group for the sew-along.  My interest was piqued, but I didn't know anything about Flickr other than having heard of it.  

Rachael was kind enough to drag me further into twenty-first century technology (willingly!), explaining it was easier than posting on Facebook or other social media sites.  Well.....I can do that so...surely I can explore Flickr....which is exactly what I did.  Easy, breezy!!  

What can we do with our Flickr group??  Each week, you can add photos of your Market Day Sew-along blocks to share with all the other quilters worldwide as we sew together.  See fabric combos and chart progress. I'm sure it will be very inspiring and creative!!  

You don't have to post photos (we sure hope you will).  You can just click the link below to browse and peruse the photos that are posted to Flickr.  My block photos will be posted there as well.  

Oh....I'm soooo jazzed about this.  How fun!!  The link for our Flickr group is below....check it out and please consider joining the group!!  


In case you're like me, and not really sure about how to do this, Rachael went above and beyond in creating a wonderful pictorial How~To Flickr document.  Click here to be transported into twenty-first century technology!!   Now we have no excuse.

I'm going to download the Flickr App, too!!   Fun, fun, fun.

Thank you so much, Rachael, for all you did putting this together so we can enjoy each other's work!!  Your kindness and generosity is most definitely appreciated!!  


  1. I've done Flickr for other groups so I will go check it out. I'm working on Market day and I shared my pictures on Instagram and used the hashtag #marketdaysewalong

    I'm doing both sizes. I was so excited to read about the smaller size. They are fun and cute. Thanks so much!

  2. I'm so excited that Pam was so willing and excited to make this available to all of her Sew-along friends. I hope everyone enjoys adding and following the photos. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have issues joining, uploading and/or sharing photos.

  3. I joined the Flickr group, and uploaded my photos of Market Days 1 and 2.

  4. Well, it looks like I won't be joining the Flickr group since Yahoo refuses to let me sign up unless I give them my mobile number, which for privacy reasons I'm unwilling to do. :( I'll keep blogging about my blocks, but I'm disappointed that I won't get to see everyone else's (Flickr only shows a few of the photos if you're not signed in). :(