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Friday, May 2, 2014

Market Day Sew~Along/Part Two

I trust we all have our first block, the square-in-a-square all done.  That was easy, right?

Ready for the next set of blocks?  Wait no longer......

Remember, the cutting instructions for the smaller size blocks will be listed in red.

Cutting Instructions
From red print #1:
    *Cut (2) 4 1/4" ( 2 3/4") squares; crosscut twice diagonally.  

From light print #1 AND light print #2:
    *Cut (1) 4 1/4" ( 2 3/4") square; crosscut twice diagonally.  

Your Quarter Square Triangle squares should look like this.

Arrange your triangles to look like this.

Sew each red triangle to a light triangle as shown.  In all cases, press to the red triangles.

Sew the triangles together, making sure to nicely a-butt the seams.  This is a great time to use those wonderful Fine Patchwork pins!

Once sewn, you will have 4 Quarter Square Triangle units measuring 3 1/2" (2") unfinished.

Another part done!  That was fun.......see you next Friday!


  1. Thanks, Pam. Can't wait to get to my sewing room. Unfortunately, I have to clean today.


  2. I love that this SAL is small and quick. That said, I haven't even done block #1, yet!! But DD#1 has been visiting from across the country for a couple of weeks, so sewing time has been limited. Maybe tomorrow I can get caught up--I hope! : )

    1. I agree Janet. The past two Fridays have been small and quick and I am really enjoying my first sew along. Visiting with family trumps sewing and it won't take you long to get caught up.

  3. Thank you again Pam. I'm doing both versions. Off to sew now!!

  4. Yahoo I am off to my sewing room. Thanks sew much for doing this.

  5. Thanks Pam, This is looking like it is going to be a great quilt!! I'm making both sizes, the itty bitty ones are just too cute to pass up!

  6. I'm having fun with the sew-along. With some other time-sensitive projects, I'm just doing the 3.5 inch blocks. I'm loving the color combination and patterns so far. Looking forward to more.

  7. I've just blogged about my blocks. Thanks again Pam for hosting these sew-alongs.

    Now to go figure out this Flickr group thing. :)