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Monday, November 10, 2014

Prairie Gathering Bundles and Loads of New Notions!!

Prairie Gathering Fabric Bundles!

Bolts of my new fabric collection, Prairie Gathering, arrived on my doorstep last week, and we got busy right away cutting bunches of Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth bundles!!  They're ready to ship today!! Yay!  Click on the link above to see all of the prints in the collection.   Click here to order a bundle for yourself.  

New Notions!
When I'm piecing, as often as is possible, I make my unit/block larger than needed so I can trim them to perfection.  You just can't beat the results!!  

While there are a lot of different trimming rulers out there (validating the wonders of trimming!) to try, these are the trimming rulers I feel are easiest to use, easy to read, and offer the best results.  In the past, I would only offer them when I did workshops, but since I usually run out, quilters have asked me to stock them on my website.  

Here are my favorites for the following blocks....

For trimming Half Square Triangles, the Bloc-Loc ruler is the bee's knees!!  The channel you see that runs horizontally across the ruler accommodates the seam allowance so your ruler can't rock back and forth.  It can't slip, so there's no cutting mistakes.  The measurement lines are easy to see, and you can trim two sides of the unit before re-positioning.  This is the 4.5 inch trimming ruler.

I also have it in the 6.5 inch....
...and a combo pack containing the 2.5, 4.5 and 6.5 inch trimming rulers!

This ruler, the June Tailor Half Square and Quarter Square Triangle trimmer is THE BEST for trimming Quarter Square Triangles, in my humble opinion!  X marks the spot!  Just lay the black X on top of the QST seam allowances, and trim two sides of the unit.  Rotate a quarter turn, lay the X on the seams, and trim again.  Perfect QST every time!!  Ruler can trim QST from 1.5 to 6.5 inches.

I love Deb Tuckers rulers, and the Wing Clipper is pure magic for Flying Geese units.  Never struggle again with points cut off of your Flying Geese!  This ruler will trim Flying Geese from 1" x 1.5" to 5.5" x 10".

Another Deb Tucker trimming ruler I love is her Square 2.  Used for making Square-In-A-Square units larger, and of course, trimming to perfection!  That little Square-In-A-Square block looks so innocent, doesn't it?  Yet it can be a real 'pill" to piece.  No wonder it's also called "The Humility block"!!  The Square 2 ruler trims Square-In-A-Square units from 
1" x 1" to 6" x 6".  It's a must have!

And lastly, this isn't a ruler, but a real handy, dandy thing to have!  It's a 6" x 6" folded Magic Mirror by Marti Michell.  It's so great to use to audition how a fabric will look when fussy cutting it for five and six pointed stars, and for the ever popular Lucy Boston blocks!

My Heartspun Quilts Hints, Tips & Tricks book has loads of good quilting tips for you, from
fabric prep on through quilt labels.  

It also has an entire section dedicated to "Making It Larger ~ Trimming It Down", with tables, in 1/8th inch increments, telling you what size you'll need to cut your fabric, to make your Half Square & Quarter Square Triangles larger and trim them to perfection!  I've done all the math for you!!

Click here to order any and all of the trimming rulers and the Magic Mirror.  

And with all that good stuff to aid you in your piecing adventures, you're sure to have perfect results!!  

Thanks for visiting my blog today!  Take care....


  1. So many handly tools of the trade!

  2. Gorgeous fabric collection! Hope my LQS gets it in!
    I think I have all but one of those rulers now, since taking your workshop in January. Handy-Dandy stuff! : )

  3. A wonderful fabric collection. Thank you for the tutorial on the rulers. What a great selection they are to help when trimming blocks..

  4. Pam, I bet you were pretty thrilled to see the red and white quilt exhibit in Houston! Love your new collection!