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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's All About What's New!

It's been kind of a quiet week....this week in between Christmas and New Years, which has been OK with me, that's for sure.  The hustle and bustle that always accompanies the Christmas season is fun, but we're all happy for the break afterward, aren't we?

The stack of antique quilts pictured here represents the basis of a new fabric line I'm about to send in to Marcus Fabrics.  New quilts to go with it, new fabric...in this business....it's all about 'what's new'!  Very fun and exciting stuff.  

I've been waiting and waiting for my Treenware & Berries sample fabric to arrive...and I'm still waiting!!  I just know it's gonna come just when I'm headed out the door to travel to California for my visit to The Country Loft.  I'll have more waiting to do until I can finally get my hands on it.  That will be a little frustrating, but that's just how it goes sometimes, right?!!

So, that's what's been happening here.  Not much to show or share, but new stuff coming soon.  

Including a brand new year.  I hope 2015 will bring each of you joy, good health, family time, sewing time, laughter, and prosperity.  I hope it will bring peace and good will to everyone around the world.  Seems our world can really use it!

Happy New Year!!


  1. Happy New Year to you! I was just thinking of you today while I was in the quilt shops in Shipshewana and saw some of your fabric. I also made two of the "Tree Farm" pincushions and love them. I'll take a picture and post in on Instagram and tag you.

  2. Haven't done much sewing but made the Three Envelope Pot Roast last night. Oh my, yummy!! Thanks.

  3. Thank you for your kind words Pam and happy New Year to you. We are into the first day of 2015 in this part of the world so new beginnings.

  4. Oh, I look forward to seeing your new fabric line!
    Hope you and your family enjoy a Happy New Year celebration!

  5. I always enjoy your posts.... Happy New Year and we will all be looking forward to seeing your new lines of fabric and patterns in 2015!