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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sunny & Warm California, Here I Come!

Tomorrow morning (at O'Dark Thirty!) I'll be headed to warm and sunny Southern California!!  My quilts are already there enjoying the warmth and the wonderful, cozy, and primitive surroundings of The Country Loft Quilt Shop in La Mesa, CA.  On a normal day, I can hardly wait to visit this quilt shop....today, even more so as this morning here in frozen Chicagoland, it's -7 degrees...minus 7!!!!  Ugh...Brrr...groan.

I've been periodically traveling to CA nearly my whole life as I have very special relatives that live there.  We have such a good time when we're together.  I'll be staying with them and enjoying a few days of vacation....catching up, visiting, and seeing how big the little ones have grown.  

On Friday, January 16th, Saturday the 17th, and Sunday the 18th,  I'll be commuting to teach classes at The Country Loft.  How fun will that be??  Waaaaayyy FUN.  I would love for you to join the fun, too!!!  Click here to see the classes I'm teaching.  We have just a few openings left, so if you've been thinking about coming to the workshops...well...come on!  It will be a great time and you'll learn lots of good info, too.  Not to mention.....you'll be at The Country Loft Quilt Shop!!!  

I won't be blogging about my trip there until I return home, but you can follow me daily on Instagram and Facebook.  

In the meantime, since most of the country is in the deep freeze like it is here, I hope you stay cozy, and get some time to snuggled beneath a quilt and stitch.  That sounds like a mighty fine day, too!!



  1. Have a grand time Pam!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  2. Family, classes, warm weather, and a great quilt shop--sounds like good times all around! : )

  3. Yea Pam!!! We can hardly wait to see you!! We have lots of fun things planned for the workshops and just for you, we have ordered weather about 70 to 80 degrees warmer than Chicago! Hugs, Sharon

  4. Can't wait for your classes... many of my friends and I will be there! LOVE the fabric and the patterns!!

  5. Oh Pam you are sew lucky as are the gals at Country Loft. It is a very special shop, a definite favorite of my sister and I. We used to visit with our Mom. Have a great time and enjoy the warm sunshine and the wonderful meatballs around the corner!

  6. enjoy the sun and the quilting!