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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Treenware & Berries Coming Soon!!

Any day now, the sample fabric of my newest collection for Marcus Fabrics, Treenware & Berries, will arrive on my doorstep.  As much as I've anxiously awaited its arrival, it's just my luck that it's coming now that I'm out of town!!  

I wanted to share at least the EQ image of the quilt I've designed using this warm and toasty assortment of yummy browns, berry reds, and creamy light fabrics.  The quilt pattern is also called Treenware & Berries.  I can hardly wait to begin!!  Don't we all feel that way about a new project?!!

You really have to take a look at all of the prints.  
Click here to go to the Marcus Fabrics website and see them all.

In addition, I've asked for Marcus to make up 10 inch precuts of the Treenware & Berries collection.  Yay!  They said sure!!  So, I've designed three awesome and irresistable doll sized quilts (I say that oh-so-humbly!!) using the Treenware & Berries precut.  

Treenware & Berries will ship to your local quilt shop beginning March 1st!  (If you're not familiar with the word "treenware", click here to read all about it.)

I promise to show you pictures when I'm making the quilts!  Doing a happy dance!!


  1. Love this design! Will you kit this for sale (I hope)?

  2. Beautiful, Pam! Those wee prints are gorgeous - love the colourings!!

  3. Congratulations.Such a yummy line and the quilt is awesome!

  4. Wonderful pattern! Looking forward to your new fabric line--and I just had a great weekend with your friend Stacy. : )

  5. Pam, I love this new line of fabrics and the name is perfect!! I can't wait to see your small patterns for it and to get some in my own hands!!

  6. Is the pattern available yet? I love the fabrics. Can't wait to see who in my area of IL will carry it!

  7. Another gorgeous fabric collection. So pretty :)

  8. Gorgeous quilt Pam! I'm checking out that fabric line!