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Monday, October 5, 2015

Behind The Scenes of Photo Shoot At My Home-Part One

For me, it isn't everyday that my home is photographed for a magazine.  How about never until now!  My family and I were flattered (to say the least!) and excited just to see how all of this would work.  Fascinating stuff, and a very fun way to spend four days!! 
Senior Editor Elizabeth Tisinger Beese &
Design Director Nancy Wiles
Quilt on table is Elizabeth's Prairie Garden~PWSC Journey Three displayed on top of a coverlet. 
We were visited by Senior Editor, Elizabeth Beese and Design Director, Nancy Wiles, along with photographer Greg Scheidemann, and his assistant (and lovely wife).  

This photo shows Nancy fluffing my American Gothic quilt to stylize it for Greg to shoot the quilt and all the samplers that are hanging on the wall you can't see (photo on pg 19 in the magazine).  The Bear Paw quilt on the wall behind the sofa was my first quilt acquisition.  I purchased the top from a fellow teacher at a quilt shop where we both worked long before I knew how to quilt.  I love it so much, I decorated the entire living room around that quilt.  Blues and greens are a favorite color combo for me.    The quilt on the wall behind the blue chair is called A Light In The Window from my Prairie Women's Sewing Circle club ~ Journey Three.

In my family room, things have been moved around a bit to photograph some of my prized possessions, my Three Sisters samplers.  My husband, Ed, bought the three samplers for me for Christmas last year.  I'm still amazed that in over 150 years, the Three Sisters have remained together, and I'll certainly do my part to keep them that way!  Nancy chose to lay them on top of the table for the photo, which you can see on the computer monitor.  (The photo is on page 19 in the magazine. )
This is how the Three Sisters are displayed in my home.  One rests a top a vintage sewing machine drawer that my pal Lynne Hagmeier gifted to me.  I've turned the drawer into a narrow shelf, and think they all make a good nineteenth century vignette.  

Here's how it all looks on any given day.  The quilt draped over the blue chair is Union Blues, and the other is a quilt I made long ago for my family to use, and for which there isn't a pattern.  You might spot our little Yorkie, Bella, in one of her favorite spots in the house, with her head in between the stair rails.  

I love old samplers as much as I love quilts.  I own three with dates in the 1700's, and the rest, nearly thirty more, are all dated in the 1800's.  I have some reproduction samplers mixed in with the vintage samplers on the wall in this room, and repros and vintage samplers are displayed all over the house.  
Also displayed in the living room is one of my all time favorite quilts, Scraps From Home, from PWSC-Journey One.  Love the combo of round yo-yos, and straight lines of the Flying Geese, finished with a soft scalloped border.  Also pictured is the Star Strings Pinkeep, which has a quilt included in the same pattern.  Both are terrific scrap-buster projects!!  
In a vintage treen square wood bucket sits a few things that make me smile.  A star block wool pillow, a QUILT sign, and a tea towel with the sampler alphabet.  I collect lots of things with the alphabet on them!  The items in this bucket are changed out with the seasons and holidays. These little vignettes make me happy, and provide a place to display lots of favorite things.  I'm sure you have those favorite spots, too!

Well, that's all for now.  I don't want to bore you to death!  I'll post more pictures of my home and sewing room in my next post.  

Until then....hope you find some time for stitching and other delights that feed your soul. 


  1. Congrat's and your home along with all the quilts was beautiful to see. I really enjoyed the articles and pictures in the magazine.

  2. Bored - Never. I always enjoy seeing how other people incorporate quilts, antiques, and collectibles in their decorating. Always get ideas for my own home.

    I checked out the Marcus blog that deals with the magazine article. In the kitchen photo, there is a box with quilts with the name "CH Burke Baking CO". Love the box and how you placed quilts inside.
    Do you know the purpose of the box - was it a breadbox? I am on a mission to find one!!

    Thanks, Charlotte

    1. Hi Charlotte, The box you're referring to was a merchants display. The baked goods would have been kept inside, and the customer could peek through the window to choose the goodies. These boxes in good condition are rare. I mostly see them with missing glass and all dented, often without the lid. I did just pick up another last month in even better shape, with red, gold and black lettering in mint condition, and it was from a Chicago bakery, too! My hometown!! A prize to be sure. Now, to make more cute mini quilts that would look good in there!! Happy hunting!!

  3. Who is bored?!? I LOVE seeing your home, Pam. Looks so warm and inviting. Makes me want to get busy and spruce up my place!
    I didn't know about your love of samplers. Wow--what a great collection.
    Thanks for taking us on a tour, and I am really looking forward to part 2!!

  4. Your home is lovely and the samplers and quilts are very special. Thanks for sharing.

  5. We want MORE pictures, not less! Keep 'em coming! Can't wait to get the magazine!

  6. Beautiful! Your home is stunning! So warm and cozy and perfectly decorated. We look forward to seeing more pictures...and soon please. Just received our copy of the magazine today...off to read your article now. ~Shari

  7. can't wait to see the spread.....how wonderful for you and your beautiful home...

  8. Wonderful, and what an adventure! Trying to track down a copy :-)

  9. Congrats on being featured in the magazine--you deserve to be there! You home and decorating is lovely and I can't wait to see more--thanks for the tour!

  10. What a cozy and welcoming home you have! Beautiful quilts, and who could resist Bella? :-) My APQ arrived yesterday.... I'm looking forward to relaxing with it this weekend!

  11. Bored people can go home.....lovely, such a fabulous home, thank you for sharing!

  12. Your home is so warm and inspiring! And I love your little Yorkie peeking through the stair rail:)
    Thanks for sharing your home with us!

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