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Friday, October 9, 2015

Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot Of My Home - Part Two

Let's begin today with the hub of every home....the kitchen.  My kitchen is decorated in reds, blues, deep gold and black, with a touch of other country colors here and there.  This has always been a favorite place for my antiques.  The quilt is called Remember Me from Journey Two of the PWSC club, and is a treasured and very special quilt to me because all of the signatures are from the PWSC club founding members and my dearest friends.  The founding club members signed up for the club in the early, early stages when no one knew what the club was about, and I was the only one teaching it.  They continued on with me through the last Journey!

Believe it or not, Remember Me hangs from a vintage donkey yoke.  I had no idea what it was when I spotted it at the antique show, I just thought it would be fun to hang a quilt from it.  The vendor told me what it was, which made it all the more fun!  

I'm a sucker for vintage crates and wood boxes with original advertising still in tact.  You will see a beautiful picture of this vignette in the American Patchwork & Quilting on-line link listed in the magazine (which shows more pictures of my home you won't see anywhere else.)  They make for really cool storage as well.  The quilt atop the wood crate is Four Around Nine from my Tokens of the Past: Nine Patch Reverie pattern.  
I stitched this wool sampler for the kitchen and love the colors and texture of the wool.  Now, who doesn't love wool?!  The sampler is called Alphabet Song and was designed by Shawn Williams for Threads That Bind.  I love her work.  
Spongeware and other pottery are another favorite collectible.  You'll find nothing true white in my house, as I maintain nothing stayed white on the Prairie!  

The granite-ware berry pot and jug were gifts from my dad and step-mom as they are great antiquers as well.  The yellow-ware bowl sits atop a scrappy thimble quilt.  The more fabrics the better!!  

Our dining room is anything but formal as we're just not the "formal" type.  Family meals in the dining room are casual, even when dressed-up for the holidays or special occasions.  The quilt draped over the vintage side table is called Something Blue from PWSC club-Journey Five.  It's bigger sister is Settler's Puzzle, shown on page 17 in the magazine.  One of my big philosophies is to bring out works-in-progress to enjoy what you've done thus far.  Display them in glass jars or pretty bowls, or as I've done here, in a vintage muffin tin with old ivory buttons.  You'll see other examples of displaying works-in-progress in the magazine article as well.  
I like to look at antiques not only for their obvious appeal, but for how I might to use them to display the many quilts I'm making.  This old merchants biscuit display with the glass front is just perfect for stacking little quilts inside.  The quilts in the tin are all from various Journey's of the PWSC club, and the quilt on the table is Emma's Sewing Basket from PWSC-Journey Five.
The room where I spend 40+ hours a week is my sewing room/studio and home to Heartspun Quilts, Inc.  It's situated on the first floor of the house, off the kitchen and laundry room (where I work my other full time job!  You know exactly what I mean!)

Sewing needfuls decorate the vintage spool cabinet that is put to use daily.  The tiny sampler you see in the frame is stitched on silk over one thread, at 40 stitches to the inch, and was stitched in 2002 when my eyes were younger!  To do another, I'd definitely need a magnifying glass!!  

As far as sewing rooms go, mine is not terribly large at 15 x 16.  Don't get me wrong...I'm very grateful to have a dedicated sewing room, but being that the room is this small, I need to make use of every inch of space I have.  (I do have more space for fabric and Heartspun Quilts inventory and the like in rooms in our finished basement.)  I asked one of my brothers to make custom shelves for me which we hung near the ceiling.  This frees up floor space, and makes use of never-used space high on the walls.  He made them deep enough to hold books and binders, and I can display my vintage toy sewing machines up there as well.  I think it really looks nice, too.  I found a cute old foot stool, and had a new, custom design hooked rug made to cover the top so I can stand on it when I want a book from the shelves.  You will see even more photos of my sewing room in the magazine, and through the magazine's on-line link!  

Do you have your copy of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine's December issue??  There's a whole lot of great quilts and Christmas projects in there, so don't miss it!

Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting magazine.
(c) 2015 Meredith Corp. All rights reserved.
Don't forget to order your Prairie At Heart quilt kit.  It will add a little vintage Prairie charm to any room you'd like! 

Thank you for taking this little tour of my home with me.  I hope you see a few things that may inspire you.  

And, I also want to thank you all for your well wishes and congratulations.  It has touched me deeply and has filled my heart with joy.  You're kindness is appreciated more than you'll ever know!! 

In a previous post, I promised a give-away, so here it is!

Count the number of  the named quilts in my patterns, seen in the photos of the profile article, AND in the photos of my home through the on-line link provided for you in the magazine.  Leave your comment for me to this blog post, and one lucky winner will receive ALL of the patterns named in the magazine, and on-line!!  

Post your comment with the number you choose by midnight, Sunday, October 11th.  I will reveal the winner on Monday, October 12th.  Please include your email address in your comment.  

Monday, you'll also receive fabric requirements and news about my next FREE 

Pocket Patchwork Sew-Along called... Tucker!  

The best way to participate in the FREE sew-along is to subscribe to my blog posts.  That way, you will receive the posts via email, and you can easily print the sewing directions.  To subscribe, type your email into the "Follow By Email" icon on the right-hand sidebar of my blog.  Follow the directions given to confirm your subscription.  That's it!!  


  1. Pam, I am in love with your home and in love with your quilts! Although I am a subscriber to APQ, the magazine has not arrived in the mail yet, but last night a friend gave me a copy as a gift and I tore through it to see your featured article. Gorgeous, stunning, awesome...so many words I could use. And the pattern featured in the magazine is beautiful...and a perfect way to use orphan HSTs too! Congrats again for all your quilty accomplishments!

  2. Pam, thank you for inviting us in to your home. When I got my copy in the mail, I was drawn to your story over and over again. Who would want to leave? I love your tribute to the hard working midwestern spirit in all of your collections. Simple can be beautiful. I'd LOVE to win your patterns! I counted 23 named quilts with 2 mentioned twice.

  3. enjoyed walking "through time" on your house tour. gotta see the magazine now. ellenhernandez@hotmail.com

  4. Love it all. Pam! Beautiful home with such inviting, cozy decor. Enjoyed seeing how the quilts grace every nook and cranny.
    I will pass on the giveaway--very generous, btw--as I have a drawer full of your patterns from your visit here last year. : )

  5. Congratulations for being published and more to come.Wow, awesome home and I`m in love with all your quilts.I count 19.

  6. Congratulations on the wonderful article! I loved the tour of your home! You can come decorate mine any time. I count 23 named quilts. Thanks for the very generous giveaway! I would love to win as I don't have many of your patterns.

  7. The APQ article was marvelous, as were the photos of your home. How lovely and inviting it appears! I counted 21 named quilts, (not counting the Prairie at Heart quilt, which I love, love, love. I'm pretty sure that quilt has a future in my sewing room and home. Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing that pattern with APQ).

  8. Couldn't wait for my magazine to arrive, read your article first. I say 23 quilt names, love your patterns and fabrics. Thanks

  9. It was so fun to see your lovely home and charming displays. You have some amazing collectibles too! I counted 28 named quilts minus the repeats, but I counted the pin keeps-- hope that's right!

    1. Thank you for inviting us into your lovely home , I really like how you use your antiques to showcase your incredible work . Thanks for the inspiration .

  10. Thank you for inviting us into your home, which is absolutely beautiful! I so enjoyed seeing how you display your quilts. I counted 23 and thanks for the very generous giveaway.

  11. Loved all the shots, your home is so warm and inviting. I love Shawns work, I took a class from her and cherish my project. I got my magazine AmericanPatchwork and always love the projects..

  12. Pam I absolutely adore your quilts as well as your home. I could move right in and be at home....so very welcoming. I was thrilled when I got my APQ magazine and saw the article on YOU. I am a real stickler for rules, so I kept second guessing my decisions on how to count the quilts. I will go with 23 and hope for the best! Happy Fall! soardkgatfusedotnet

  13. Thank you for the tour of your beautiful, cozy home! I loved seeing it here and in the APQ magazine. I especially liked seeing your sewing area. I too have a room dedicated to sewing and art...so it is crowded, but it is my happy place! 23 is my number and I'm sticking to it!

  14. I so loved another tour through your home, although you didn't make me a coffee I did feel very welcome Lol! :-) Thank you for sharing your lovely home.

  15. I sew enjoyed the magazine article and all the photos of your home and studio. I could move in anytime. It took me awhile to find the link but I finally did. So I counted and I came up with 21 quilts with 3 quilts mentioned twice. This was a tough assignment.

    Looking forward to the new sew along.


  16. I counted 23. I really enjoyed reading the article and seeing how you have displayed you're wonderful quilts. Diane

  17. I got 31. Thank you for a fun "hunt".

  18. Love your room!!! Would love to have a sewing machine room like yours!!! I would like to know if you sewing machine cabinet was built. I am looking for a cabinet to put against a wall in my sewing machine room.

    1. Marlene ~ I purchased a Koala cabinet for my sewing machine. I've loved it and it is very functional. They have since come out with several other really cool pieces and I believe you can customize some as well. You can find Koala and other sewing machine cabinets at quilt shops that sell machines. That's where I bought mine. Hope this helps you!

  19. Tu casa es tan acogedor,tus colchas preciosas y tus antigüedades me fascinan!!!
    gracias por enseñarla