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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Old Mill Pond Is Ready!!

I'm just delighted to finally be able to introduce you to one of two new quilt designs featuring my newest fabric collection, Old Green Calicos, for Marcus Fabrics, called Old Mill Pond.

When I designed this collection, I was in a mood for peaceful, restful and comforting fabrics in cozy colors.  The living room in my home is all done in soft greens and blues, and is a favorite place for me to read and stitch.  The walls are a warm beige with old fashioned stencils,  and the lighting is very soft.    Inspiration struck and Old Green Calicos came to be.  
Prairie life always inspires me, and when the early settlers sought to homestead, receiving a land parcel near water was, of course, a prize for many reasons.   Thinking those thoughts, and about the blue and green colors, a picture like this came to mind.  Can you see yourself in a comfy chair gazing at this scene?  I sure could.  The colors and serenity inspired the name for the quilt....Old Mill Pond.

In a previous post, I showed you photos of the gorgeous quilting on this quilt, by Valerie Langue.  Now that the quilt is done, and photographed, the patterns are ready to go.

As I've done before, I'm offering a kit at a special discounted price for a limited time.  

By pre-ordering, you can be assured of having all of the original fabrics in your quilt, available as soon as they arrive.  The quilt will be exactly like mine!  

Along with the pre-order is special pricing, with a discount on shipping, and FREE PATTERN!

Pre-Order your Old Mill Pond quilt kit no later than January 29th to take advantage of this special offer!!   Click here to read all of the details and place an order.  The kit and pattern will ship in early February, just as soon as the fabrics arrive.  

Click here to order the Old Mill Pond pattern.

My Old Green Calicos fabric collections are arriving soon at your local quilt shop, so please ask for them on your next visit!!  

Wishing you a year of creativity and inspiration....


  1. This is a beautiful quilt and I just adore your new fabric line. Whish the day would have more hours to get all the quilts done that I would like to do. Have a happy and healthy new year, Birgitt

  2. Lovely fabrics--love blue and green! Wherever there is carpet in my home, it is either blue or green.
    Another beautiful pattern, too. How do you keep coming up with them? : )

  3. Well, after looking at the prices I'll have to wait until I get paid next week, but you can expect a check from me. :)

    I don't think it looks difficult at all. As you say, the fabrics and colors really make this quilt. The piecing itself looks dead easy. And pieced borders don't put me off; in fact, I prefer them to plain borders. The way I sew (by hand, pin-matching), I find pieced borders a lot easier to manage than long unbroken strips, although I can see how plain borders would be easier for machine piecers.

  4. What a beautiful line! Too bad it doesn't have a few conversationals. Lovely quilt pattern too.

  5. Congratulations.It`s just fantastic!

  6. The new quilt pattern is great, and the new fabric line is wonderful. What a great start to the New Year. Hope I can find those fabrics on line soon.