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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Can A Dog Love A Quilt?

As part of the count down to fall market in Houston, Marcus Fabrics has asked us (designers) to post answers to different questions each week so all of you will get to know us better.  This week, they asked us to talk about our pets.  
Meet Bella, our 7 pound Yorkie.  As with most dogs, she thinks we all live in her house, and I also believe she thinks she's a Great Dane.  She's loveable, funny and has one heck of a personality.  

My question for you is....can a dog love a quilt?
Bella is sitting on my Love Worn quilt.
The plain and simple answer in my house is OH YES!!  

My husband, Ed, is Bella's favorite, followed very closely by our daughter Nicki.  Then our son, Ryan and I'm last.  I'm great when no one else is home, but as soon as someone else arrives, she drops me like a hot potato.

The funniest thing began to happen several years ago after living through one very cold and snowy Chicago winter.  Naturally, we all cover and cuddle under quilts in our house, and Bella loves (I mean LOVES) to sit on my husband's lap, and on top of a quilt.  

When the weather began to turn warmer, and Ed started to sit without a quilt, Bella began to behave in funny ways....harrumphing and turning in circles.... barking and running to the piles of stacked quilts.  She kept this up until it dawned on Ed that she wanted him to have a quilt, and she wasn't going to settle down until he did.  

That was a long time ago, and to this day, that is how it is.  We laugh as he tries to explain to her that it's too warm for a quilt, but she'll hear none of it.  Today, when I asked him to pose for the photo above, the moment she heard him sit in his chair, and saw the quilt, she was ready to assume her favorite position....on his lap, with one paw on the arm of the chair.  

Just like us....dogs like what they like, and somehow they'll make sure you know what they want.  Too funny.   If there's a quilt on the floor, that's where she'll be.  

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  1. Oh yes indeed! My Dachshund, Oscar loved "many" quilts in his 15 years. Some he loved to death, but he was never without his quilt! My grand dogs each have a quilt too. Bella is adorable!

  2. Actually, when I think about it, I think my canine recipients have loved their quilts more than some of my 2 legged friends!

  3. That is so funny.
    Bella does look right at home on that quilt--a natural at posing. Maybe she is hoping you will start including her on the cover photos of your quilt patterns! : )

  4. That is the best story ever!!!! Love Bella!!!

  5. yes they do we have a Yorkie too about 7 pounds her name is Zoie. she loves my husband too. her favorite spot to sleep in and a piece of our clothing. so if I lay something on the bed she is on it..
    they rule the house...

  6. Oh look at the star of your blog. Totes adorbs, Bella! Her paw on the arm of the chair kills me. She's a natural in front of the camera. LOL! And you said you'd never be a dog person! Love everything about the story especially the quilt!

  7. my Phoebe, a bichon bolonka, same size as yours has adopted my last quilt before I even finished the hand binding. She doesn't mind it not being finished. I must say this one has fleece backing as well. Hugs from France, Joanne

  8. Bella is such a cutie! Thanks for sharing this story! :-)

  9. We had chickens and let them on our lap but not in the house. I sure like that pattern. It's nice to see the quilts because I see the size of the blocks. This is a must for me! Thank you!!

  10. Our cats are the same way. One is not a lap cat at all, until a quilt appears....