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Monday, September 19, 2016

Colonial Star Info

In my post yesterday, I failed to list the size of my new Colonial Star quilt....sorry about that!  (DUH, Pam!!)

Naturally you'd like to know that!                     The size is 18" x 20"

Also, there seems to be some confusion regarding the three different kit choices for this quilt.

They all have the same blue print, and each version offers a different light print.  You have to click on each version to go in and read the details.  There, you will see the light print fabric swatch...click on it to enlarge the image, and choose the light print version you like best.

The price for the quilt kit is $42.  When ordering, the listed price says $48.75 because it adds the shipping charge.  

Click here to see all Colonial Star versions.

Hope this clears any lingering questions you may have had.  My thanks to everyone who already ordered their kit!  There aren't many left and I'm so excited that you like my first Limited Edition doll quilt!!  

Because of your generous business, it allows me to keep making quilt designs for your stitching pleasure.  I'm very grateful to all of you!  


  1. I didn't know the size but ordered it anyway. It's such a great design.

  2. I hope to get in on one of your future Limited Edition doll quilts--in a month that I haven't way overspent my quilting budget already!! : )

  3. So sad you're out of version 1 already. I've got to be quicker I see!!!!