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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Color Me Red!!

It's mid-September and that signals the return of Quilt Market Madness!  Fall market preparations have been in full swing for some time now, and we're getting down to the last few weeks before market, which I call market crush.  

There are many new and exciting things in the works from all of the designers at Marcus Fabrics and we thought it would be fun to share some of the pre-market "goings-on" with all of you these next couple of weeks.  

This week....Marcus asked us to share our favorite color.  If you're a regular reader of my blog, you already know the answer to this question.  Looking at the photo above leaves no doubt my favorite color is 


While I do adore red, I am very particular about the shade and tone of my reds.  Nothing too bright, nothing too orange-y.  I adore warm, cozy reds with cranberry as my favorite shade of all.

Red is not the only color I love.  Blues, greens, browns, and black prints are used often and I'll thrown in dusty and muted purple, pink and gold here and there.  

Light prints are in a category all their own, don't you think?  Love, love, love shirtings, and a wide variety of beige colored tone on tones, oh and light prints of all kinds.  While looking for fabric at a quilt shop, I look at the light prints first.  We can always use another light print, right?  A quilter just can't have too many lights!!  

I don't do white at all.  I like to say....nothing white on the prairie stayed white for long!  

Please visit the Marcus Fabrics blog, called Marcus Mentions, every week from now through Fall Market to see all that's new from the 

Marcus Makers 2016!!

Each of the Marcus Makers designers will be posting their own fun facts as we work our way to this exciting event.  

Be sure to return here to see what we have to share with you next week!  

And.... I would like to add a big Thank You to YOU for being a loyal Marcus Fabrics customer.  We sure appreciate your support which allows us all to keep bringing you great fabrics and inspiring projects.  

Stitching some happiness today!  



  1. I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh yes red is my fav! That bundle you are resting on is super duper yummy!

  3. I love reds with creams and tans,too! I buy lots of Marcus and what I love about their quality is that I can trust it for an internet purchase and it never disappoints me. Pam, try this; half diet cranberry juice mixed with half raspberry flavored seltzer water for a lovely drink.hugs,

  4. Oh!!! I love red as well! It's always in my quilts along with all the other colours. I love neutrals too! But as you said not white. Thanks for posting!

  5. That is a beautiful photo of you surrounded by your favorite color!

  6. Such beautiful reds. Red is one of my favourite colour. It was my dear Grandpa's favourite colour as well, so I always look upon red fondly

  7. I love the way your clothing matches your fabrics. My favorite color is yellow, but I rarely wear it! Keep up the good work!

  8. I just saw your new line, Old Plum, on Marcus fabrics website, and love the fabrics. Purples are my favorite colors, especially when paired with oranges. Can hardly wait for this collection to be released so I can add the fabrics to my charm quilts!

  9. I love many colors, but have to admit that reds are right up at the top of the list....I also have to put blues up there too....I use a lot of cream tones in my quilts, and I do use white as well, but never solid white...always tone on tone fabrics, even with the creams....and I always use many fabrics...the more the better, for scrappy quilts...those are my favorites!!
    Sandra B

  10. Red, love the color. Passion, Love, and my heart!