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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Scraps of Time ~ Scraps of Fabric Update

It's been awhile since I wrote about making sure to find time to sew everyday...no matter what, and thought I'd check in with you all and see how you're doing with this mission, and share how I've been doing.  

Back in June, I made a pledge that everyday, I would try very hard to make time to sew something, or at least prepare fabrics for sewing.  I called my mission.... Scraps of Time ~ Scraps of Fabric.  (Click here to read my original June blog post.)
Sometimes, we do what seems to be a crazy thing, and just when I was admitting I have very little time to sew, I went a really did something crazy, and signed up for Lisa Bongean's Summer Block of the Week (SBOW) called Clara's Stars.  It was love at first sight.  I tried hard to resist, honest I did, but I just had to make this quilt!!  Yes....lots of blocks to make each week for 12 weeks over the summer.  
Not only are the fabrics coming weekly, but...it's all HAND PIECED....and I've never hand pieced a block together in my life!  Now that's crazy!!  So....sure call me crazy, and I'm so, so happy I did this.  I read about hand piecing and went to You Tube, and took the plunge. Jumped right in and started to sew.  (True confession time: I am not making all the blocks I'm supposed to make each week, and never intended to.  I don't mind that it will take me however long it's going to take.  I'm just enjoying the journey.)

I'm hooked!  I'm smitten!  I can't stop!!!  I cut, trace and sew these blocks, and most everything else I am presently working on in the evening while watching TV.  I prepped loads of blocks, and popped them into zip bags to take with me while I'm away from home.  I pieced a bunch on a trip to Maine, and while I was in Santa Fe, NM over Labor Day weekend.  My stitches are getting better and better with each block.

I delighted to say I'm a hand piecer now, and will likely hand piece until I can't hold a needle anymore.
I'm still working on tiny little Nine Patch blocks and better step it up because I need it completed for a Christmas gift.
Basket quilt is found in the book When The Cold Wind Blows by Blackbird Designs
And, I managed to hand applique another basket block (block 110).  Both the block background fabric and the basket fabric are from my new Old Plum Calicos collection.  Oh, and the black fabric underneath is also new from Conestoga Crossing.  Love, love, love the black fabric!!!  

How about you?  Are you making time to sew something each and every day?  I think I'm doing pretty well considering before pledging to this mission, I wasn't sewing very much at all.  

Hoping we all find some time to sew something everyday.  It's so very good for us in so may ways!  


  1. And I love everything you are sewing. I am very impressed with you consistent efforts. Those stars are gorgeous. Kudos to you for mastering the hand stitching!
    Really like how you fussy-cut the fabric on the 9-patches in the upper left corner.
    That purple basket is so pretty. Love your new Old Plum Calico line!! Can't wait for my fat eighth bundle to arrive!

  2. I try to either hand or machine sew every day. Being retired helps. I always enjoy your fabric but the new line really sings to me.

  3. Congratulations to you on a job well done! I love to sew and I manage to do so every day. My day wouldn't be complete without it.

  4. kathyroloff@hotmail.comSeptember 10, 2016 at 6:02 PM

    Hi Pam! I signed up for Clara's Stars but haven't had the time to start yet. It is killing me! Are you using EPP for your stars? Yours look fabulous and if you are hand piecing without papers I may follow your lead. Are you hand piecing Panama Pyramids, too?

  5. Welcome to the world of hand sewing! My mother made me learn everything by hand (button sewing, seams, buttonholes, hems, etc) before I was ever able to use the sewing machine (and I started on that before I started school at 6.5 yrs) Now, I only do hand work if i cannot do it on the machine!

  6. Those star blocks are gorgeous and I can't believe you did them all by hand. Bravo!! I was always afraid that hand stitched would come apart, then I realized that my grandmothers were all hand stitched and I still have them! Love your fabrics and I see you have some Kansas Troubles too, I love those lines and my favorites are the "K.S. Favorites. In fact, I am doing a 9 patch with them right now.. When I'm done, I may just try some hand stitched.

  7. I try, but working full time tends to cramp my style. Working on a computer all day makes my eyes tired some evenings. Retirement (to sew!) can't come soon enough!!! I love stars, and your stars are lovely!

  8. I am predominately a hand piecer, and I love it....totally portable, and I find my piecing by hand is much more accurate than when I piece on the sewing machine.....
    Welcome to this wonderful world of hand piecing!!
    I do try to stitch every day, and most days, I am successful in that goal....
    Love your stars!!
    Sandra B

  9. I haven't hand pieced in many years, but may just relearn how just to (attempt to) master Y-seams! I'm working on improving my hand appliqueing, and must say that little purple basket really calls out to me. May just have to find that book and pattern and get started on a purple basket quilt.

  10. I try very hard to sew something everyday most days I do there are a few that I can't and some days that is all I do. started the vintage farm girl quilt with a group doing 4 blocks a month so cute doing 6 inch size.

  11. What a wonderful post! Love seeing all those delightful hand-pieced blocks. Yay you!

  12. So gorgeous projects and post.Love all the blocks.Great job!

  13. Hand stitching is my favorite way to relax. We travel a distance from home several times a year and I always have a hand project with me. I really like your newest fabric line and I love the shades of red in all your lines. Your stars are going to make a wonderful keepsake quilt.

  14. well my sew along is machine pieced and my skills on that are improving as well...it's the same with getting to carnegie hall...practice, practice, practice!

  15. Yay! Another hand piecer! :) Your stars look amazing; I'd never know from looking at them that you're a beginner. And you started with six-pointed stars and set-in seams. I'm totally impressed.

    I've kept up with doing some form of needlework, including hand piecing and quilting, almost every day. I've missed a few days here and there and am behind on my blog due to illness (just colds; nothing that a bit of rest couldn't cure), but I've kept on plugging away. :)

  16. I get up every morning at 4:30 and stitch until I have to go to work at at 7:00. If I didn't stitch something every day I would spend a lot in "therapy"! So happy to hear that you like hand piecing. It is so relaxing and even at the prices of fabric today, it is far cheaper than a psychiatrist! Have fun!

  17. I learned to hand piece years ago when my non-traditional friend taught me the very traditional ways of making a quilt. I haven't done it much though because I use my hand work time now to quilt by hand. Finishing those quilts is also important. :<))