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Monday, May 13, 2019

Circa 1880 Nine Patch Blocks & A Great Tip!

Here's this weeks blocks.  Coming soon....a noticeable improvement to the photos.

A week ago, I was giving a few workshops at Sauder Village in Ohio and we were trading hints and tips.  I picked up a wonderful tip from two ladies who are big time fabric starchers (girls after my own heart!)  Note: they starch their fabric as yardage before they cut.  That's very important!!  Here's what they shared with us.....
  We all have those moments when, despite our best pressing efforts, a seam does not want to lay flat.
They use Mary Ellen's Best Press to help.  What is important is that you choose the bottle with the finger pump spray (not the handle spray) because it emits a very fine mist over the seam.
I misted these seams, and boy....they stayed flat as a board!
Easy, peasy!  So get on over to your Local Quilt Shop and buy some.  Oh, and while you're there....peruse the aisles for some new shirtings and prints.  Your stash can always use to be fed and it keeps our quilt shops in business!!  

Pass it on....it's a very good thing!  


  1. I'm going try that tip because my nine patch blocks do not lay flat at all. I'm desperate.

  2. Unfortunately, I'm the one who is allergic to Best Prest and can't go near the stuff in the shops. rats.

  3. Great hint. I have a question which you may have already answered, but I don't remember the answer! I'm assuming you starch your fabric as yardage before cutting? Do you use Best Press or something else for this? Thanks much~

  4. Pretty blocks--they make me think of a box of chocolates, for some reason.
    I do use Best Press sometimes, but I also find pressing on a wool mat is helpful.

  5. Love my Best Press & my wool mat!! Love those blocks Pam!!