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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Circa 1880 Blocks & Craft Sewing

Here are this week's Circa 1880 Nine Patch blocks.  I've been cutting up more strips of some newly acquired fabric to make more blocks.  I love making these little cuties and so I just chug along happy as a clam.  

Yesterday, I took some me time during the hottest part of the day to make myself a little something fun.
I spent a couple of hours doing some craft sewing and made myself a pop-up thread catcher.  As I travel doing workshops, I get to see a wide variety of quilting paraphernalia and this is a very popular item.  So cute!  It's a pop-up thread catcher.  Holds a lot of scraps and threads, and when it's time to pack up, empty and squish it down flat.  The elastic keeps it flat for travel.  

It was so fun to make something crafty for myself.  If you'd like to make one, ask for the Fat Quarter Pop-Up pattern (by Fat Quarter Gypsy) at your LQS.  If they don't have one in stock, they are easy to order for you.  

Headed to the patio to enjoy the summer evening and do some hand quilting.  Hope you're enjoying your summer!


  1. Your 9 patches are looking good and what a clever and handy little thread catcher! How big is it? I know - I am so out of the loop on what's new and cool 😊

  2. Pam ~ I am finding new fabrics too that I just have to make Circa blocks with. Love your little pop up thread catcher. It helps keep your sewing area stay nice and neat . which I love. I may have to find this pattern.

  3. Cute blocks :)
    I have made a couple of those little pop up baskets, they are fantastic for Quilting retreats :)

  4. I have something like that which was sent to me by another blogger. Sure is a handy thing!
    Enjoy your time at home, my friend!