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Monday, October 14, 2019

Circa 1880 Nine Patch & Rogue Blocks!!

This batch of Circa blocks feature some very cute fussy cut fabrics.  You know how I love those little surprises inside of blocks!  Well.....hold onto your rotary cutter for the next batch of blocks I want to show you!  
These two inch tiny beauties were made and given to me by my dear friend Janet Olsen (RogueQuilter)  She lives in the beautiful mountains of Utah and is a prolific quilter.  Janet writes and posts photos of the amazing quilts she makes in her blog RogueQuilter.Blogspot.com.   Seriously... a must read if you love mini quilts and blocks!  For as long as I've known Janet, she has made small quilts and very often changes things up from the original plan...going way smaller...hence the "rogue" quilter title of her blog.  And, boy....are we glad she does!
Janet is one of seven friends I traded blocks with while secretly working on my Circa 1880 Nine Patch quilt.  She is very active in the Circa club Facebook group and at Village Dry Goods Quilt Shop in Brigham City, UT where club meetings are held.  Janet began making what is now commonly known as 'rogue' blocks, and inserting them here and there into her Circa 1880 Nine Patch quilt.  The results are stunning.  Check out her blog posts to see photos of her amazing Circa 1880 Nine Patch quilt.

A little while ago, Janet surprised me when a package arrived in the mail, gifting me with a collection of rogue blocks.  I just had to share them with you.  The photos above show how Janet cleverly used the Endearment phrases from my Endearment fabric.  She also used a piece of the selvage to sew my name into one of the blocks.  Love, love, love them all!!  

If you'd like to make an Endearment block, which would be so cool in a label....Remember Me...you can ask for the fabric at your LQS or buy it here.
Here are a few more of Janet's rogue blocks.  Teeny Tiny pieces of patchwork wonderful!
That center square is just an inch finished!

And...if that doesn't have your jaw dropping.....
Surely this batch will!  Look at that Log Cabin and Pineapple block!!  And...the orange print in the center of the Uneven Nine Patch is fussy cut with the block inside the Circa 1880 Nine Patch!!  
Here's a close up of the Pineapple block so you can see the center fabric was fussy cut as well. 

Janet...you're simply amazing!  Your creativity inspires so many people and I just love what you make.  Not to mention, you're a wonderful and kind person I am blessed to call my friend.
Thank you for gifting me with these rogue blocks.  I will make a special quilt just for them!

If you're inspired to join the fun we're having with the Circa 1880 Club, it is not too late at all!  The club is on-going and will continue into next year.  You must join through a participating quilt shop.  Click here to see all the Club Shops.  You can also participate by mail. 

Be well......


  1. Lovely! So fun to see Janet's work here. She is so inspiring!

  2. Such beautiful and intricate work by Janet and then she gifts it away, what a amazing quilter!

  3. So love those Rogue blocks! Just snatched up Endearment yardage at The Quilt Merchant the other day. Love this idea for using a tiny bit of it in some rogue blocks of my own.

  4. Oh, my goodness, Pam--I am blushing! You are too kind, my friend.
    I need to give credit where credit is due. I got the idea of "going rogue" with little blocks when Lynn Hopkins (at Village Dry Goods) mentioned that he was going to put 2" baskets in his KING SIZE Circa 1880 quilt. I took his idea and ran with it--though others have definitely run farther.
    The "signature" style blocks came from an idea planted in my head when Kat Keefe's Quilting (in the Facebook group) shared a block she had made using your name from the fabric selvedge--I thought it was brilliant and played around with it.
    The tiny blocks in the center of the uneven 9-patch blocks are products of my crazy brain. :)
    Thank you for a wonderful pattern, Pam. It has been such an enjoyable journey to take with you!

  5. Your link for the Circa 1880 Club shops doesn't work. Janet's blocks are exquisite! I am constantly amazed at how she achieves such accuracy in such miniature blocks. I have seen many different versions of your Circa 1880 quilt and I love them all. You are truly a master at your craft.

  6. Wowzers!!! Janet is amazing. I am one of the fortunate ones that have some Circa blocks in my quilt. Thank's for sharing these photos Pam. They definitely show how tiny these really are!!

  7. Can I share one pic of these with a link to your blog on my blog? These are just amazing.

  8. Oh my yes, Janet certainly is the mini queen! I am so thankful that she was one of my trading partners. I am going to use the ones she sent me in my "Janet" row. I am very thankful for her idea to use your selvages in some blocks. I am definitely going to make some of those for my "Pam" row. Cyndi is a huge fan of log cabins so I will try to make a few mini log cabins for my "Cyndi" row. I thank you again for all your efforts in making this such a fun "club"!!