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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Piecing Problem Solved!

I want to share a solution to a common piecing problem in hopes it helps you as well.  

The problem:  sewing two triangles tips together where the two triangle points don't separate as they go through the feed dogs.  The points are too small to be held by a pin.  Even my favorite fine patchwork pins are too big for this job.  

The solution:  Acorn Seam Align Glue

What's different about this glue than any other fabric type glue?

It was developed to be used instead of pins when sewing your seams.  I can't say that I would use it instead of pinning, but when piecing those troublesome triangle tips together,  it works wonders!

I pin my unit together and then put a droplet of glue in between the two triangle tips (right arrow.)   Sew from the right-angle of the unit (left arrow) to the triangle tips.  The two tips will not separate when touched by the feed-dogs!

Just a small drop on the right side of the fabric at the very point will keep both fabrics glued together as you sew them.  The glue is formulated so it sets up quickly, you can press over it, if need be, you can "rip" it out and use it again.  It doesn't leave a lump of glue and does not gunk up your needle.  Washes away when you wash your quilt, is non-toxic and scent free!  
The bottom right corner of this unit where the green and light fabric meet are the two triangle points sewn.  Perfect!  Problem solved!  And, you can't see the glue at all.

Click here to order Seam Align Glue.

New Fat Quarter Color Bank Bundles

Two new brown color bank bundles.....

Two new green color bank bundles.....

And two new tone-on-tone light bundles.  A great way to boost your stash with colors you need.
More color bank bundles coming soon.  

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And now...back to sewing.  I'm about to finish piecing the blocks for my new Village Square quilt.  Photos, fabric and quilt kit news coming very soon.  Find some time to be in your happy place today!



  1. Thanks for the tip about gluing the points. Sounds like the perfect solution.

  2. I've never considered using glue in that way before. Cool!
    Love the color bundles. I want to nab a purple one, if those are still available. I need to check it out.