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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Cheddar & Chocolate's New Patterns Are Available!

Past & Present by Pam Buda ~ Heartspun Quilts
It seems like it took FOREVER to get these patterns published.  I think it did!!  But, at last, they are ready to ship.  Look for them very soon at your LQS.  You know I always want you to support your quilt shop...that's how we keep them in biz!!!

Cobbler's Crossing by Pam Buda ~ Heartspun Quilts
IF your LQS doesn't have them, then buy them from me.  But...please ask them for them there first.  

Here's the link to both patterns if you want to order them here.  

Sample yardage of a brand new fabric collection arrived at my door yesterday.  I can't wait to show them off!!  So many fun things brewing here at Heartspun Quilts....so stay tuned!!  

Be well and wishing you happy stitches.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Past & Present ~ All Quilted

My new quilt, Past & Present, came home from her trip to Las Vegas to be quilted by Valerie Krueger.
I thought I would share photos of the quilting Val did for me.  We can all use good quilting ideas!
There's just natural daylight on the quilt so we can see the quilting.
I love all the quilting designs, and there's no question....the quilting makes the quilt sing!
I love that brown border design!  So unique...and she quilts free-hand!!  Amazing!

I'm sewing the last of the binding on the quilt this evening.  Photography and printing coming next!  The Cobbler's Crossing and Past & Present patterns should be ready mid-week next week.  At last!!  I'll write a blog post when they're ready.  

In the meantime, you only have two more days to take advantage of ordering a kit for both quilts with a FREE pattern and FREE shipping!!  

Click here to read all the details.

Back to work....creating some fun stuff for you!  Be well.....

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Pre-Order Cheddar & Chocolate Quilt Kits!

I've had a few emails asking about ordering the quilt kits using my Cheddar & Chocolate collection.  There are two new quilts made with the line.
Past & Present Designed by Pam Buda ~ HeartspunQuilts.com
Past & Present is the first quilt using the collection.  Each block uses a scrappy mix of light, cheddar, and chocolate brown fabrics.  Instructions use all modern rotary cutting and piecing techniques.  The quilt is 81 x 94 inches.  So pretty and cozy!!  

Here is a photo of the real quilt.  It just came back from Val who quilted it.  Amazing job, Val!!!!

From now until January 24th, you can PRE-ORDER the quilt kit and get the pattern and shipping FREE!!  That's about a $25 savings!!  Kits will ship at the end of January.

Click here to read more about my Past & Present quilt kit.
Cobbler's Crossing  Designed by Pam Buda ~ HeartspunQuilts.com
The second quilt is called Cobbler's Crossing.  It features one star block that also uses a scrappy mix of one light print, one cheddar and one chocolate brown.  S
et on point with a snowball block in the setting, it makes for a yummy quilt!  As with Past & Present, it's made with all modern rotary cutting and piecing techniques.  The quilt measures 69 x 78 inches.

Here is a close-up of the real quilt.  I'm still binding it, then it will be photographed.  

Just like Past & Present, from now until January 24th, you can PRE-ORDER the quilt kit and get the pattern and shipping FREE!!  That's about a $25 savings!!   Kits will ship at the end of January.

Click here to read more about my Cobbler's Crossing quilt kit.

If you have your own plans for Cheddar & Chocolate, a Fat Quarter Bundle of the entire collection may be just perfect for you. 

Click here to order a Fat Quarter Bundle.  Honestly, they're going fast.
Better get back to the cutting table.  I have lots of fabrics to cut!

Be well.....stay warm and cozy!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

New! Cheddar & Chocolate Fat Quarter Bundles!!

At last!!!  It's here!!!  Cheddar & Chocolate has arrived!!  
I couldn't wait to open up the boxes and see all these wonderful prints!
It's been so, so long since I've had a cheddar line!  Hope it was worth the wait!
And who doesn't love chocolate??

The waiting is over!  Cheddar & Chocolate Fat Quarter bundles are ready to ship!  

Click here to order a bundle of yummy fabrics all your own.  

Cobbler's Crossing by Pam Buda ~ HeartspunQuilts.com

Cobbler's Crossing is the first quilt I designed with Cheddar & Chocolate.

I'm binding this quilt right now, and as soon as I can cut them, a limited number of kits will be available for this quilt.

I'll post photos of the quilt and kit when it's ready.

Past & Present by Pam Buda ~ HeartspunQuilts.com

Past & Present is the second quilt designed with Cheddar & Chocolate.

This quilt is on its way back from being quilted by the oh-so-talented Vegas Val, Valerie Krueger!  I can't wait to see what she did!

Pattern and a limited number of kits will be coming soon for this quilt as well.

Cheddar & Chocolate is also arriving at your favorite quilt shop.  Many of them are kitting these quilts as well, so please ask for them at your favorite shop!!

Be well....back to sewing my secret project.   

Friday, January 10, 2020

I'm Still Here!

Hi and Happy New Year.....10 days ago.  Geesh...I didn't realize it had been that long since I've posted.  The day after Christmas I began sewing a new secret project that has a deadline for this coming Sunday.  Balance that with the New Year, trying to pack up the Christmas decorations, and sewing and sewing....well....the time just slipped by.

I have to get back to the sewing machine but...wanted to tell you that.....

Cheddar & Chocolate are in the house!!

Next week, we will begin cutting fat quarters, and the kits for the two new quilts I designed using this cozy collection.  I'm so jazzed!  

You know I want you to ask for all of these things at your Local Quilt Shop before buying them from me.  It is so very important to patronize your quilt shop to keep them in business so we can all enjoy them.  But...IF you can't find Cheddar & Chocolate anywhere near you, I have it.

Enjoy the weekend.  We're in for some nasty weather...a perfect weekend to stay in and sew.  

Be well.....more goodies to announce very soon!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!!


Can you believe it's 2020??

May we all be blessed with good health, 
good fortune, and 
happiness to last beyond our lifetime.