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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Get A Bunch of Your Favorite Colors!

From time to time, I select a bunch of pretty prints into what I lovingly call color bank bundles.  As we discussed in our comments from a couple of blog posts ago, we all lack certain colors in our stash, and this is an opportunity to stock up on some of the things you may be longing for.
Maybe you need some black prints?
Or a nice selection of reds?
All of us can always use lights and neutrals!
And....since those cheddars are so darn hard to find, I bundled those up, too!  There are several color bank bundles of blues and greens available as well.

Wanna check them out?  Click here to see what color bank bundles you just might need for your stash!  

Back to work and planning some really great stuff....coming soon!
Be well.....


  1. I do need cheddar. Hard to find.😤

  2. That's a great way to fill in with colors that you don't have in your stash, thank's Pam. Love this idea.

  3. Just HAD to get the cheddar bundle. Can never get enough of that--or purple, but I didn't see a bundle of those. :)

  4. Those are beautiful stacks of quilt eye candy fabric!