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Friday, February 21, 2020

Rachel & Sarah Winner

Oh, it was such fun to read all your comments!  Thank you all for taking the time to tell me your thoughts about what fabric type and colors you are wishing for.   Personally, I am always on the lookout for historic purples, dusty pinks and shirtings.  I also wish for more border prints and interesting stripes that can be cut into awesome sashings and borders.  They are very, very hard to find!!   

The good news is that the majority of you are going to be very happy quilters very soon as one of your most wanted fabrics is coming just months from now!!  I can barely stand it!  I want to share with you NOW....but I can't.  Soon...very soon.

If you were checking my blog to read the comments you were all leaving, and didn't see them right away, that's because about a year ago, I had to put a filter on comments.  I can then decide to allow or delete comments because I was getting a ton of spam, and had very raunchy things pop up, and had to do something to stop it.  So...once a day or so, I go in, and publish the good comments and delete the bad ones.  

Congratulations to GwynetteinNWArkasas.......my husband randomly chose her comment....

I love all the colors, but your shirtings are my favorites. They work so well with all the reds of yours I have. A lovely collection!!

Gwynette, please email Pam@HeartspunQuilts.com with your mailing address so I can send the Sarah's Dowry pattern, and the Rachel's Tribute fat eighth bundle to you.  

I read every one of your comments and enjoyed them all.  Thank you so much!

I also have something new to share with you!  This very pretty print is the one I chose for a 108" wide backing fabric.  Please check with your local quilt shop to see if they have it.  

It's 100% cotton...the same wonderful cotton Marcus Fabrics uses to print all of my other fabrics.  It's non-directional and would look just lovely as a backing.  

Back to dreaming up some fun stuff for me and you, to keep our sewing machines happy!  


  1. Congratulations to Gwynette (what a pretty name). Love the backing fabric.

  2. Thank your husband for his random drawing of my name. Thank you for designing such awesome reproduction fabrics and your give away. I love the hand of your fabrics and save every tiny scrap. I've sent an email with my mailing address.

  3. I love the dusty pinks you have had in your fabrics. And I am always on the lookout for cheddars and purples, since I love them and they are not as popular and readily available as other colors. But you have addressed both of those colors very well in your fabric lines, and I am grateful!

  4. Congratulations to Gynette!! Lucky girl!! I love the print you chose to make a wide back with. It's a good one for almost any quilt. I love using wide backs for my larger quilts. By the time the top is done I'm not in the mood to piece my top.