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Monday, April 20, 2020

Introducing our Heroic Hearts Campaign

Marcus Fabrics and all of the Marcus Designer Block Stars are pleased to introduce our... 
Heroic Hearts Campaign!

We teamed together to bring you a new and special project for giving back to someone special in your life and community during this pandemic.  Thinking you might like to take a break from your (awesome) mask making, this is not only the perfect gift for a First Responder or Front Line worker.....you'll also be a big help to your favorite quilt shops who really need you, too!!

My fellow Marcus designer, Sarah Maxwell of Designs by Sarah J , designed the Heroic Heart Tote bag!!  
Isn't it the sweetest?!!  The tote bag....of course!

It's easy, even if you've never made a tote bag before.  Wanna know how you can help?

Call your favorite quilt shop and ask them to put a kit together for you.  You'll be helping a small business who needs your order!  Then, you can make the Heroic Hearts Tote bag and give it to a special person in your life, to thank them for their service.  Fill the tote with all kinds of goodies that would make their life a little better and show them how much you care.

If your local shop is not participating (you may want to give them a week or two to catch up with us,) you can use your own fabrics and get the pattern FREE of charge on the Designs by Sarah J website here.

Or, you can purchase a kit from me for the same Heroic Heart Tote I made with my Bess' Flower Garden fabric collection for Marcus Fabrics.  The kit includes the free pattern.  Click here.
Ryan is a firefighter/paramedic and Nicki is an RN working at hospital, both are caring for Covid patients.
I had to share a photo of my two favorite heros!  

We hope you join us to support your local quilt shop and show a First Responder or Front Line worker how much we appreciate them all!  They could use a little love right about now.  

If you'd like to take a look at the Heroic Hearts Tote all the other designers created...here are their website/blog links.

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Also, post your quilt fabric choices, sewing progress and completed Heroic Hearts Tote using the following hashtags:



Imagine how many Heroic Hearts Totes we can see in just a few weeks!!  

Tote bag is 17" x 17" 

Have fun, stay safe and create.  Above all...be well!

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  1. Love this! I pray everyday to keep all our first responders and health care providers safe. You have two very brave children Pam, thank them for me for all they do.