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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A Big Mess

Welcome to my mess.  This is just one messy corner of my sewing studio and every corner pretty much looks like this one.  Does this happen to you?

The quilts on the design wall are from my first book with Martingale, called Vintage Patchwork.  Other goodies on the design wall are paper prints of my next fabric line, and below that, photos of fabrics I am auditioning for a new collection.  On the floor???  Lots of piles of fabric that I know look like a giant mess (and is!) but it's a creative mess, and I know what's in every pile and bag.  

But....enough is enough!

I'm fortunate to have a room dedicated to my sewing and my business.  We built our home 25 years ago, and my studio was updated about 17 years ago, but not since then.  I've been way too busy to shut this room down and empty it out to have it painted.  I'm still very busy.....

But again....enough is enough and I need an update!  

So, very, very soon, I will have to empty this entire space, lock, stock and fabric stash for new flooring, fresh paint and window treatments.  I know it will look nice when it's complete, but the 'getting there' is rather painful.  UGH!  I'd rather be sewing!  

So...wish me luck on my merge & purge.  

I have promised a new Quilt Archaeology.  I thought it would be this week, but I'm just a little behind as I am hand quilting the quilt, and it's going slower than I had hoped.  I promise, no matter what....next week, we'll be into it!  

Also....all of the designers at Marcus Fabrics are counting the weeks to the launch of 
Click here for more info on Monday's With Marcus!

Lots of good stuff keep me busy.  Lots of fabric and quilt designing.  Orders, printing patterns, and now and again...some sewing time.  Staying home a lot to stay safe and keep everyone else safe.  Good thing I'm a home-body at heart!

Stay safe yourself, be well, and keep on stitchin'


  1. Oh I can empathize with your messy corners. My craft room (smallest bedroom in the house) does double duty as my quilting space and papercrafting space. Supplies duel for shelf space. Any time I work on a project chaos reigns! If I would craft a little more and buy a little less, I might make progress - but where's the fun in that.

  2. Oh, Pam!! My studio looks like yours and I need to stop sewing and clean, BUT I’m half way finished piecing a wedding quilt for a September 26 ceremony and need to keep stitching!! Actually, I thought all quilt studios look like yours and mine.....my friend’s do!!!!! Looking forward to seeing your “new studio” and next week’s Quilt Archaeology. Thanks for giving your time to make Quilting more fulfilling and interesting!

  3. Oh, this is nothing if it's only in the corners My whole floor looks like this! But, I do share my room with cross stitch supplies. :-)

  4. Having a new sewing space will be awesome and more productive, but getting there will be a pain. So I wish you the best. I am looking forward to seeing the results.

  5. Pam ~ I'm sure it's all going to be worth it in the end. I'm looking froward to seeing the finished results. I have had the pleasure of seeing your creative space in person and it's pure heaven!! Just think of all the new things that will be created in your new space!! I'm looking forward to that too!!! Take your time quilting your new Archaeology quilt, you need to enjoy the process!! We all can wait.

  6. Been there done that in 2009 and I still needed more room for stash - which has ended up in the house where we used to play our guitars - fabrics are kept company with the piano and guitars in their cases! LOL

  7. Not messy compared to mine! I'd love to know more about your design wall. Can you tell us how you did that? Looking forward to the Quilt Archeology coming soon! And I am so jealous that you have an actual space for your sewing and business. Mine is a converted tiny bedroom. But, I'm happy to have a space at all. Jan in MA

  8. I am excited for your studio getting a makeover! But I agree that it is a big job to clean everything out.
    We have seen the "before" photo. I hope we will also get to see the "after".