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Monday, November 9, 2020

Monday's With Marcus ~ Material Girlfriends


I don't often say 'Yay' on Monday morning, but I am today because it's yet another Monday's With Marcus day! 

Meet Lisa and Lora of Material Girlfriends.  They LOVE Batiks!  Do you?  Then you should be girlfriends with them, too.  Please browse their website (above) where you will, of course, find the free pattern for their "Lovely Weather For Ducks" applique design and loads of other goodies.

Don't forget to LIKE/FOLLOW/SHARE on Monday's With Marcus Facebook page and Instagram for FABRIC GIVEAWAYS each and every week!!!  Who doesn't LOVE that????

My stash closet is about 40% purged and organized.  Only the last shelf and the floor have been sorted, re-stacked and regrouped.  I will tackle the other shelves as time goes by.  This is already a huge improvement!   I look for fabric by color, so I sort it by color.  I also separate it by tonals and prints within each color as it makes it that much easier for me to find what I'm looking for.  
I am determined to have a functional AND pretty sewing studio, so I am rethinking many of the ways I use and store (which formerly would mean pile-on-the-floor) tools, notions and ongoing projects.  

One of the things I did that I am really enjoying was to buy some antique hangers, so I can drape a couple of quilts, and hang them on the outside of the closet doors.  I have so many quilts and can't possibly display them all at once.  You, too?  This way, I can rotate them every so often and enjoy them for awhile.  It's good that they aren't folded up all the time, too.  

As I go along reorganizing my sewing space, I'll try to share some of the things I am doing to keep my sewing room functional and pretty.  It's not a huge space, remember, but I have cabinets and shelving that I can use, I just have to maximize what I have.  

Today....no matter what....I will find some time to sew in my new, happy place.  Our weather here in Chicagoland has been summer-like, really unseasonably mild for a week, that everyone is in a great mood.  Windows open, air is fresh and warm. The only thing that's somewhat strange are the Christmas carols I hear coming from the garage as my son is taking advantage of the warm weather to decorate the bushes with our Christmas lights.   Smart guy!  

My hope is that you and your family are healthy and happy!  Off to sew something.........


  1. Pam ~ I love using antique hangers too!! I have actually hung a quilt that's on a hanger on top of a quilt that's on a quilt rack. Your stash closet is so pretty!! Looking forward to seeing more progress on your new sewing space.

  2. Good idea to hang some quilts on the closet doors and rotate them! You can only fold so many at the foot of the bed and I have some vintage wooden hangers I have been collecting. Yours look great! Thanks for the wonderful idea! Sharon at purrfection8@gmail.com