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Friday, October 8, 2021

Dear Prudence Sew~Along Part One

 Welcome, dear quilting friends, to part one of the Dear Prudence sew-along.  I'm jazzed to get started!

The sew-along will be done in four parts.  Today's task is to make and trim all of the small Half Square Triangles (HST.)

Using your pink print #1 fabrics, gather the (30) pink squares and the (30) assorted dark print squares for HST.  Follow the directions in your Dear Prudence pattern and make (60) assorted HST's.  Be sure to trim them to size!  

That is a big task and plenty to do for the week.  Once the HST are made, we are all set to make those Birds in the Air blocks!

Next week, we will begin assembling blocks.  This is where the Seam Align glue will really be a huge help!  If you haven't ordered your Seam Align glue, you can buy it here.

In the Studio this week.......

I was able to shoot a stylized photo of Walnut Hollow in my yard over the weekend.

I am truly pleased with how Walnut Hollow turned out, and hope you love it, too!  The pattern is available now - click here.  

I'm anxiously waiting on for the Cheddar & Coal fabrics to arrive to begin cutting all your kits!

I know you're anxious to get your hands on the Cheddar & Coal fabrics, too!

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.  Be well.....


  1. Walnut Hollow is a beautiful quilt--I saw it on instagram and shared with friends

  2. Oh, I hope to have time to get started on this Monday. I am excited to make it. I have chosen a different colorway, because I have been working with a lot of pink in the Barbara Brackman Hands All Around SAL. I can only do so much pink at a time. LOL
    Love the cheddar and coal quilt!