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Friday, October 15, 2021

Dear Prudence Sew~Along Part Two

 I hope you had some "me" time to sew all of your Half Square Triangles and trim them all to 1 1/2" square.  You're ready to begin making your Birds in the Air blocks.

They can be a little tricky but have confidence!  Sew slowly if you'd feel better.  Sewing accurately is all about having control over your patchwork.  

Arrange (3) Half Square Triangles, all of one matching dark print, and (3) pink triangles (previously cut once diagonally) as shown.

Sew the pieces for the block into rows.  Use your Patchwork Pins (very thin and made for sewing patchwork.)  Gently press (you have exposed bias edges on those small pink triangles, so press gently so as not to stretch the raw edge) the rows in opposite directions to create opposing seams.  

Sew the rows together; press.

You triangle unit should look like this.

The next step is to sew the large dark triangle to the pieced triangle unit.  We're dealing with two pieces that are all bias edges.
Gently match the two triangles right sides together.  Pin the center using Fine Patchwork Pins (they are different from all other pins.  They're extraordinary in that they go thru fabric so easily, lay flat and don't distort the fabric when you sew over them!!)  Click here to read more.

Using your Seam Align glue... 

Lift the top fabric away from the bottom fabric (my sample doesn't have the top fabric so you can easily see where the glue goes.)  Squeeze a little drop of glue, within the seam allowance, at the very tip of the triangle.  Then, finger press the two fabric tips together.  If you need to nudge and move the two fabric tips into position so they are in perfect alignment, do so.  Then repeat with the fabric tips on other end.  Allow the glue to dry a minute before sewing.  

A note about the Seam Align glue....if you need to pull the fabrics apart for any reason, you can, just do so gently.  The glue won't clog your needle, and will wash out when you wash the quilt.  You can use as much of the glue along any seam line as you'd like.  I use it for all the triangle tips I sew, and there are many.  With the glue keeping those points glued together, it eliminates the nasty problem of the points separating just when you're sewing them!!  Love it!  Click here to order.
You can see the dark dot of glue at the points of the blue fabric.
Sew your block together.
Press to the dark print triangle.  Measure your block.
Repeat these steps to make (3) Birds in the Air of the same matching blue print.
Then, make the (3) blocks of the other blue print.  

I hope this tutorial will help you make perfect, pretty Birds in the Air blocks!  I also hope you find the Seam Align glue very helpful, as I do.  Your Dear Prudence quilt is off to a great start!

In The Studio This Week......I am anxiously awaiting delivery of my Cheddar & Coal fabrics.  They are shipping any day now.  Once delivered, I have a boat load of cutting to do, which is exciting!  I'm also working on many future projects I can't share right now....but soon! 

Good stuff in the works.  Keep your needle busy and your heart content!  Be well, my friends.


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