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Friday, February 4, 2022

From the Heart ~ Part One

 Welcome, friends, to another Quilt Archaeology sew-along!  It's February and time to begin sewing our Valentine quilt.  Follow along in your From the Heart pattern.  You can download it here.

Make all of your Half Square Triangles and trim them to the size stated in the pattern.  String piecing them makes quick work of this task.  

Next, carefully piece two light print triangles to a Half Square Triangle as shown.  

Our next task is to add the large red triangle to our pieced unit.  Hhmmm...keeping those triangle points together as you sew them can be a problem.

Here's my fix for that problem....I use Seam Align glue to glue those points together!  In the photo, you can see the syringe applicator in the right corner dropping the tiniest dollop of glue on the fabric by the tip of the point.  Just a tiny drop is all you need, then finger press the fabric points together.

Seam Align glue has many uses, but I think it can't be beat when used to glue triangle points together.  Those points always want to separate just as you're about to sew them, which is sooooo frustrating!  The glue is inexpensive, lasts a long time, can be ironed, disappears when you wash the quilt, and if you had to 'rip' the seam, you can gently pull the fabrics apart.  Find Seam Align glue at your local quilt shop or on my website here.

Finish all of your Cat's Cradle units.  We're well on our way!!  

Martingale has just released a new compilation book, all filled with nothing but scrap quilts!  Yay!  Who doesn't love a scrap quilt?  It's titled Big Book of Favorite Scrap Quilts.

I'm honored to be a part of this awesome book, and my quilt, Emma's Sewing Basket, is included.

If you love scrap quilts, you'll love this book!  Treat yourself to a copy.  The Big Book of Favorite Scrap Quilts is coming at your LQS this month.  

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.  Take care and be well......



  1. Pam, congrats on being included in such an awesome book! Emma's sewing basket is a perfect choice, it's such a wonderful scrappy quilt. And I can just envision Emma picking just the perfect scrap for her quilt. Thanks' for the tip for the Seam Align glue, I need to get me some!! I'm looking forward to getting started on my From The Heart quilt!!

  2. Oh, my! Another little quilt? LOL I still haven't put the borders on Glad Tidings and quilted it. I need to get cracking! Congrats on the quilt in the new book!