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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tell Us What You Really Think!

While antiquing in Snohomish, WA a few weeks ago, this lovely little package of sewing needles was the only item I bought in the whole town.   I was totally satisfied with this little trinket as it
is quite special.  First of all it's dated 1889....just gotta love it for its age!
Then...it's RED!!!  You know how I love red. 
As you can see, it has a place for four different sized needle packets, and the needle holder flips
over to reveal a piece of white felt, a place to "park"  a needle.
While the needle package is a treasure just the way it is, it also contains a bit
of company venom, aimed at its unscrupulous competitors.  The paragraph on the bottom
left side of the package is quite something.  I'm amused and have to share it with all of you.....
It says.... "Numerous dishonest manufacturers have closely copied our labels.  They put up in purple envelopes like ours, and reading matter thereon, similarly arranged, worthless, rotten, brass-headed needles, and many deceived customers buying the ineffable trash,
have supposed they had"PARABOLA." 
Thus the high repute of the PARABOLA Needle has oft-times suffered.
See that the label reads "R.J. Roberts' Patent Parabola"
You will thus save yourselves from imposition.
Okay, then....do tell us how you really feel! 
Can you imagine seeing this on a package of needles now? 
I think this is hilarious...I hope you got a smile from it, too!
Well....tomorrow morning, dear hubby and I are packing the car and taking a road trip.
Our first stop is Cleveland, to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Our son remarked, quite impressed, that we'll know every singer and band in the place...
after all, he said, you've been around since the beginning. 
Sigh...thanks, Ryan.  Glad you're impressed!
Then...on to New York where we'll cross the border into Canada to
see Niagara Falls.  Along the way, we'll be stopping to explore, antique,
enjoy the fall colors, and perhaps fit in a few quilt shops, too!
I'll try to blog from the road, Wi-Fi permitting, and will post on Facebook too.
Enjoy your day, and thanks so much for visiting with me.....


  1. that little needle packet is very interesting. thanks for sharing the writing on it.
    Have a great trip.

  2. Wow thats quite a little find you have there, and entertaining to boot! Have a great holiday, the colours at this time of year are spectacular!

  3. Thanks for sharing the needle pack. It was amusing to read the outrage of the manufacturer against infringement!

    McDonalds, Paneras and Starbucks always have free wi-fi...and a good cup of coffee while you type.
    Safe Travels,

  4. oooooo! That's nasty. I love the needle package for the same reasons you do Pam, but with that sentiment attached to them I'm not so sure I'd want to use them. Sounds a little bit like the political race that going on now.

  5. How great was that find! A bit of slander maybe? Surely would be a lawsuit in this day and age. Have a wonderful trip.

  6. Love your story of the needle case! Guess there have always been those who wanted to be number one! So you're coming to Canada! Your trip sounds wonderful...enjoy the scenery and all the sights you'll see. We would know all the songs as well...our basement is loaded with records from the 60's and 70's...and if you have to ask, you're too young! Giggle...enjoy!

  7. How could anyone resist that needlecase! I am going to have to use the "worthless rotten..." phrase more often. At least in my head when I would otherwise be thinking less descriptive, though too oft abused, words.

  8. Thanks for sharing your cool "find". I am going to rediscover my love of sewing antiques. Have fun on your trip and wave when you pass Michigan.

  9. On the Canadian side of the falls is the "Butterfly Museum", if you have time try to go, it is beautiful! Went there on our honeymoon when it opened 15 years ago! Have fun! Be safe!