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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays To All!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and sincere hopes for the 
very best in the New Year!  

My heartfelt thanks to all of you for your kind words, support and patronage which allow me to continue working and creating in this 
quilting world we all love.  

May our needles be happy 
and  be merrily working 
all through the year! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cheddar Lovers, Rejoice!!

Cheddar Lovers ~ Your voices were heard!  

Wow ~ as usual, you all blew me away with your comments!!  Love, love reading each one of them.  I am obviously in the minority with cheddar color fabrics and am so glad that you let me know how many of you would like to have them.   It means Marcus Fabrics and I are going in the right direction giving you just the lovely fabrics you'd like to play with.

So...after reading your comments I promptly placed an order for the entire collection!  Yay!

Therefore, in early February, I'll offer bundles for PRE-ORDER.  It's good to know (from your comments) that all of you don't necessarily want the cheddar but love the taupe, so I'll offer split color bundles of just cheddar, and just taupe, as well as the entire collection so you can be sure to get the fabrics you want and not the ones you don't.  

I'm afraid I didn't make myself clear in my last post with my offer to give-away a few Fat Eighths.  Because I only have a little bit of sample yardage right now, I don't have entire bundles to give.  I just have two cheddars and one taupe print (6 pieces in all) to share at the moment, but many more free patterns to offer.  Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Here are the winning comments.....

Amanda Best - I like cheddar in small amounts in reproduction style quilts, but too much is overwhelming to me.  Your cheddars and taupes are gorgeous!

Siam Kitty - LOVE your new Cheddars, and look forward to adding them to my stash! I am making a series of Charm Quilts, and Cheddars will really add zing to them! 

Lynne Stucke - You did an awesome job with the cheddars . . . yummy enough to get those crackers out and dig right in! (are the taupes representative of crackers???) YUM!

Laura V - Oh, I hope you offer fat quarter bundles, I'm not sure the shops near me will have these! You did a fantastic job and I'm not a cheddar fan all that much, but these are so warm and beautiful! And I agree taupe is so hard to find and it is great in quilts. Awesome!

Pamela T - You are right! up until now there were very few cheddar's but now yours are delicious! and the taupe oh yes. I would put some blues with those and I would have so much fun. Thank you for the opportunity to win ! 

Nel - Love, love, love the cheddars!!! I've used them in many quilts, and they add a great sparkle! Thanks for a chance to win! 

Melody in WI - Gorgeous shades. The cheddar color range is what will make a quilt sparkle. I'm typically not drawn to this color except when I quilt, My quilt needs to have a little yellow or orange in it. Now off to have a grilled cheese :)), with all of this cheddar talk it's made me hungry. 

Judy Zoll - I am not a big cheddar fan but do use the color sparingly sometimes. My friend loves cheddar, should I be lucky enough to win she will be gifted! The taupes would be mine! Your fabrics are beautiful. 

Marge - I, too, am a recent convert to cheddar (fabric that is, always have been with cheese. Have you ever had Cotswald - an orange colored cheddar with chives? Yum...I digress). I'll be looking for this collection in March because I would like to use cheddar as a main fabric in a scrap quilt. As for taupe - Yes! - Bring it on! Greys are one of my neutrals, and there aren't a lot of them. My favorite neutral is red because I took a workshop with Freddy Moran years ago. (I'm digressing again!) Thank you! 

Carol - I love cheddars and taupes. What's not to love - such richness is inspirational. Never mind the fat eighth and fat quarter bundles. Just go for the half yards and full yards. Don't mess around. 

Deborah from Valpo - I love cheddar.....and I always wondered why there wasn't more cheddar to pick from. I'm always nervous about using what is in my stash because I'm afraid I'll need it later and won't be able to find it! Beautiful collection of both cheddar and taupe! Thanks so much for designing it and the opportunity to win!

Candace - Oh....you've certainly disturbed MY force, in a very good way, I was late to the cheddar bandwagon so being able to add to my miniscule stash along with much needed taupes (yes, the quilt world is lacking), would rock my ship for sure! Thanks for taking the plunge, Pam! You are a force to be reckoned with!

Gwynette from Arkansas - LOVE the cheddar and the taupes are going to a great addition to use with your blue, red, and plum fabric, also. So glad you stepped out of your box!!
All of the winners will receive a free pattern.  Since I have chosen more than 6 winners, the fabric will be inserted randomly into envelopes so we won't know who is getting it until it arrives at your door!  

Please email your mailing address to me at Pam@HeartspunQuilts.com and I'll get those envelopes in the mail.

Thank you all again for your wonderful and very funny comments.  Just when I think I'm "talking" to empty cyber space, you let me know you're there.  Makes me smile for sure!

Just a few days until Santa arrives....enjoy your holiday!  Pam

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Never Say Never!

In previous posts, I proclaimed a "disturbance in the Force", a phenomenon known to all Star Wars fans, and a phrase I borrowed to describe a bend if you will, within me regarding a very long standing choice.  

A change in a long standing choice.....of what?

Well....this stuff I LOVE!  Say the word cheddar and I'm there, cracker in hand.  Say the word cheddar regarding fabric......well.......not so much.  

I'm on record for many years and in several publications that "I don't do cheddar" fabrics.  I know they were popular in the 1800's, and I maintain that I wouldn't have liked them then either.  It's just a personal thing and I know I'm in the minority here.

About the change.....so have I changed my mind?  No....not really.  Confused?  

The good folks at Marcus Fabrics called a few months ago to ask me if I would design a few cheddar prints for them.  Not one to shy away from a challenge, after a few minutes of thinking about it, and reminding them that cheddar is not in my wheelhouse, I accepted the challenge for several reasons.  Designing cheddar fabrics is much easier than designing a quilt using them, and......I think it's good to step out of your comfort zone now and then to stretch your imagination and skills.  
This new collection, called Cheddar & Friends has just 12 sweet prints.  

These are the six new Cheddar prints.  They range from a warm autumnal orange to the very bright classic cheddar orange.  There are prints suitable for small blocks and others for large pieces such as setting squares, border and sashings.  

The trouble is, for those quilters who really enjoy using Cheddar prints, they're not often available, so this little group will help them feed their stash!

 Cheddar make up six of the new 12 prints.  What about the other six?

During my conversation about the cheddar collection, I mentioned my love of taupe color fabric and how that color was another that is also missing on the quilt shop shelves.  I notice a definite trend for using more and more taupe fabrics in CW Reproduction style quilts.  I don't think it was an authentic color of the time period... I think what it does is give an aged look to quilts made with it.  We've all seen antique quilts where the muslin or light print looks brown and dirty and that is the color the taupe can show.  It's a warm color that I adore.  A true taupe is hard to find.....or shall I say WAS hard to find!

The "friends" in Cheddar & Friends are the six taupe fabrics included in the collection.

  The darkest print is a chocolate brown with taupe and burnt orange.  It mixes the two fabrics beautifully and would be gorgeous as a border or sashing with the cheddar and taupes.  I can hardly wait to begin playing and designing with them!

Click here to see the entire Cheddar & Friends collection.  The fabrics will be delivered to your local quilt shop in March, so if you like them, ask your favorite shop to order them!

Normally, I offer Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth bundles of every collection I desing but hesitate to do so with the collection.  I'm sure interested in hearing what you think about the Cheddars and the Taupes.  

If you have time, please leave me a comment about what you think and I'll choose a bunch of winners for free patterns AND a few people will get a Fat Eighth of these new fabrics.  

As any loyal Star Wars fan would say.....may the Force be with you!  Especially this weekend with the release of Rouge One!  Teehee!

Monday, December 12, 2016

R & R Stitching Time

A few weeks ago, in an update post about trying to get in some personal sewing time (aka Scraps of Time, Scraps of Fabric), I mentioned I was trying to finish a little Nine Patch quilt as a gift for Christmas.  Happy to report that while I have been doing a lot of sitting, recovering from surgery, it is indeed pieced, quilted and bound!  
My friend Ronda did such a great job quilting this little piece (12 x 15 inches) and I know my step-mom will love it.

I'm two weeks past my second hip replacement surgery and about to go full into PT which is so important and not fun at all!  Oh well....such is life!  

Christmas prep is in full swing and we're checking our cookie baking list twice.  We have less than 2 weeks to go!  AAHHH!!!

Do you remember a post of a few months ago of me saying that there has been a disturbance in the force?

Watch my next post for an explanation!  

Friday, December 2, 2016

In For More Body Work!

Dear Friends, 

Once again I'll be away from my sewing machine, desk and computer for a couple of weeks.  I'm going in for another tune-up for my second hip replacement.  That means I'll be recovering awhile at home.  (Yes....apparently I'm working on becoming bionic as this is my third joint replacement.  If only - hahahahaha)

My co-worker Deb will keep orders going while I'm on R&R, and my wonderful family will take good care of me.  I expect to bounce back with this one as quickly as I did with the other one just 7 weeks ago.  I'd better because I have lots of good stuff in the works and want to get started!  

I'm looking forward to some hand stitching time and lots of Christmas movies.  Oh, and I think I have a great excuse to get out of having to do all that Christmas wrapping.  

Be back soon......Pam

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Conestoga Crossing Bundle Pre-Order Offer!!

In just a week or so, my newest fabric collection, Conestoga Crossing, will be delivered to quilt shops everywhere!  I'm so jazzed it is finally coming!  I love this collection as it's in so many colors and prints.  A 30 piece collection in all.  

Conestoga Crossing was designed along with this quilt as a brand new Block of the Month program.  The program will begin in most shops in January.  The quilt pattern and fabrics are available only through participating quilt shops.  (You know Marcus Fabrics brings you only the best BOM programs ever!!)

Click here if you'd like to join the fun and find a participating quilt shop. 

 I will have Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth bundles of the entire Conestoga Crossing collection.  And, guess what?!  

They're on sale for 15% off!!  

Click here to order yours today while supplies last!  

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Wishing You Many Blessings

On this special day of thanks I am filled with gratitude for my many blessings.   
Happy to be with family sharing a special meal.  

Thank you for visiting my blog, for your many kind and caring comments and emails, and of course for your business which makes it possible for me to continue to create wonderful fabrics and new quilt designs.  

I truly feel blessed.  

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Plum Bundles & Scraps Of Time Update

It's been awhile since I posted anything about finding time to sew for myself.  I've been tracing lots of fabrics to prep for hand piecing while I recover from my next surgery (yeah - another one), and I've been waking up a little early now and then to finish making 1.5 inch Nine Patches for a Christmas present. 
This little quilt (12 x 15) will be given to my step-mom with whom I share this love of nineteenth century living.  There is nothing she would want more, which as you know, makes giving a gift like this so worth the effort.  I'm so excited to have it finished and it's off to be quilted.  Cross that off the Christmas To-Do list!!

I've been hand stitching some wool, working on Hexies, and tracing fabrics in the evening while watching TV.  Nothing fun to share in a photo, but progress nonetheless.
This assortment of pretty plums and purples are now available in Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth bundles.  All are prints from a variety of my fabric collections for Marcus Fabrics.

Here's the link to order.

Hope you find some time to stitch to your hearts content this week.  

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Christmas Red & Green Colonial Star Quilt

This little quilt, named Colonial Star, is a Limited Edition pattern release that I introduced a little while ago.  I love it so much that I just had to make it again.  This time, I chose green and red for the upcoming Christmas season.

This adorable star quilt is easy to piece and is a pretty quick stitch.  It would be a great addition to your holiday decorating and would also be a wonderful gift!

There's a very limited amount of kits available in this colorway, so if you're interested, order today!  Colonial Star quilt size is 18" x 20".  Kit includes the pattern and exact fabrics I used for the quilt top, binding and backing.  Kit price is $42 plus shipping!  

Because this is a Limited Edition, the pattern is not sold separately.  

 Click here to see the red & green fabrics and read all the details.  

I originally made it in traditional blue and white.

(Only 3 kits remain if you're interested!)
Click here to see the details. 

While you're browsing, check out the complete fabric collection Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth bundles that are on sale!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Special Itty Bitty Mini

A little more than a week ago, these quilts were on display during Fall Market in Houston in the Marcus Fabrics booth.  Well, actually, it was a special booth all its own called the Marcus Makers booth.  

All of the Marcus designers, i.e., Marcus Makers, were asked to create a special 24 inch quilt that would represent their style, fabrics and designs. 

 What a wonderful array of quilts, don't you think?  What a nice representation of traditional and modern.

Can you guess which one is mine?  
Conestoga Stitches is the quilt I made for the Marcus Makers booth.  Those Nine Patch blocks are 1.5 inches finished and the Flying Geese are .75 x 1.5 finished.  Yup....I went itty, bitty.  Are you surprised?  

The fabrics are new from my upcoming Conestoga Crossing collection coming to your local quilt shop in December.
Tiny blocks are a challenge for me, so that's one reason I chose to do that.  And, those Flying Geese with the HST in the center were especially challenging as the HST's finished to 11/16ths!!
I would be remiss to not mention that my friend, Ronda, quilted Conestoga Stitches for me.  It was a challenge for her as well as sometimes it's hard to find quilting designs that work in 1/2 inch spaces!  She always does an awesome job.

I do not have plans to make a pattern for Conestoga Stitches because I honestly don't think many quilters would want to make those 11/16th HSTs.....right?  But...never say never.

Don't forget that shops all over the U.S. are getting ready to offer you my new Conestoga Crossing Block of the Month.    Ask for it at your favorite quilt shop!

I wanted to talk a bit about my Pocket Patchwork Sew-Alongs.  I love them, and had every intention of offering one this year, but family commitments, heath issues, surgeries (my husband had his knee replaced too), and a very busy work schedule caused my good intentions to offer a Sew-Along to be constantly postponed.  

I just wanted you to know that I have not abandoned nor forgotten about it.  This year, life has gotten in the way of a lot of plans, and it just happens to us all.  I actually have the next Sew-along designed but have no idea when I can make it happen.  I'm thinking about a new approach because TIME is always an issue for us all.  (We've talked about this before!)  So, I'll be thinking of a new way to fit it in.  It's important to me to continue, and I do so enjoy them as it really is a fun way to interact with all of you...and I miss it!!

Just wanted you to know.......

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Starry, Starry Nines ~ An All Time Favorite!!

 As a designer, I love all of the quilts I design.  Now and again, you have some that become your favorite, and Starry, Starry Nines is sure a favorite for me!

It has lots of Nine Patches, Ohio Stars and a fun border that looks like Flying Geese but isn't and is great to piece together.  Add the scrappy fabrics and I ask you.....what is not to L*O*V*E?
We have made a few kits of this yummy quilt in the small, wallhanging size, all in an assortment of my fabrics.  The quilt size is 23" x 29".  

Starry, Starry Nines in just one of three quilts featured in the pattern Tokens of the Past: Nine Patch Reverie!  The pattern includes directions for all three quilts with alternate sizes or versions.

You can order the kit with fabric alone, kit with pattern, or kit with pattern and backing fabric.  

Click here to read all details and order info.

Hope you find some time to stitch today.  

I'll be stitching while cheering on our Cubbies in the World Series.  (To know me is to know I NEVER watch sports, but this is a very special occasion, and as a life-long Chicagoan, a duty!)

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fabric Bundle Sale

I'm blessed to have several new fabric collections coming in very soon, and when taking stock of inventory and space.....well, I need to make some room.  


You'll find Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth bundles of complete fabric collections on sale on my website!  (Color bank bundles are not on sale.)  I've marked them down from 15% to 40%.  Quantities are limited so don't delay.  

Click here to browse the sale.  Be sure to fully click on the bundle description to see the regular and sale prices.  

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Letters From Grace is Here!!!

Hi!  I'm so glad to be back to work, albeit part-time, it still feels great to be productive again. More on this in a bit because I am so jazzed to say that my new pattern, Letters From Grace, is ready to ship!

This is such a fun quilt to make.  I chose the unusual and oh-so-pretty Black Beauty Star block for this quilt.  Love, love, love!!!  I also love how the corners of the block, paired with the sashing and cornerposts create a secondary pattern.  Don't you love when that happens?!
The blocks are 8 inches....a nice size.

It's so fun to pair up the light and the plum prints for each block.  I promise that this is an easy to piece project.  You know my directions and graphics will lead you every step of the way.
If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know how I love pieced borders, right?!  Well, not every quilt needs a pieced border, but that doesn't mean the border shouldn't be interesting.  I chose to play a bit with the light print I used in the sashing, and created a double border frame design just by playing with the cornerposts.  It's simple and adds a lot to the quilt without a lot of work.  I hope you like it!

I made my quilt using all of the prints in my new fabric collection, Old Plum Calicos for Marcus Fabrics.  Click here to see all of the fabrics in the collection.  

Old Plum Calicos is being delivered to your local quilt shop right now!!   
My Letters From Grace pattern is ready to ship today.  Click here to order one for yourself.  If purples and plums aren't your favorite colors, this quilt will be just beautiful in whatever color you'd like to make it.  The quilt size is 62" x 75" and is Fat Quarter friendly.

As for me, well, surgery went very well.  I had a minimally invasive hip replacement just 2 weeks ago and am doing very well.  I'm finished with home visits and am now going to out-patient physical therapy.  I've had a knee replaced many years ago and know how super important physical therapy is to the success of the surgery.  I have a terrific PT who is also accredited with an osteo certification.  He sure knows his stuff!  

I'm a person who chooses to keep myself pretty busy, so two weeks of sitting much of the day in a chair was almost more than I could stand.  I did do quite a bit of hand sewing, which was nice, and read a few books, but I much prefer being back at work.  I'm here on a somewhat part-time basis depending on how much energy I have and PT appointments and the like, but it sure feels great!  

Thank you all so much for your very kind Get Well wishes sent by email and Facebook and cards in the mail.  All touched me very much and just remind me of how caring and generous the quilting community is.  

I appreciate all of you, my dear quilting friends, more than you'll ever know!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

In For Repairs

Dear Friends,

Just a quick note to say that I'll be away from my sewing machine, desk and computer for a couple of weeks.  I'm going in for a tune-up of sorts.  This week I'll be having my first hip replacement and will be recovering awhile at home.  This is my second joint replacement (left knee was done 9 years ago), and in 7 more weeks, I'll be having another.  Cursed with the big "A" Rheumatoid and Osteo arthritis.  

My co-worker Deb will keep orders going while I'm on R&R, and my wonderful family will take good care of me.  The people close to me know this has been a long time coming and we will all be glad when it's over.  

I have to give a big shout out to all the wonderful women I am blessed to work with at Marcus Fabrics.  They have been more than understanding and supportive of me in preparing for these surgeries, and together, we have worked triple overtime getting three more fabric lines into production ahead of my surgery.  You'll have lots of new fabrics and quilts to inspire you coming soon.  

You know I often speak about how my mind lives a lot of the day in the 19th century, and today I'm so, so glad we're living in the 21st century because if not, my future would be very different in that I'd likely be confined to a wheelchair.  Much to be grateful for and I'm so blessed. Keep a good thought for me and I'll be back soon.  

Just didn't want you to wonder where I'd gone to!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Never Say Never

There's been a disturbance in The Force.

Never say never........

Big news coming soon.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Old Plum Calicos Arriving Soon!

I'm so excited!  October means the arrival of Old Plum Calicos!

Click here to see all the prints right on the Marcus Fabrics

They just arrived on my doorstep and that means they are arriving at your local quilt shop, too!

We've begun to cut our Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth bundles and they will soon be in the mail. These pretty purple, plum and violet prints are only here for a short time, so be sure to get yours before they're all gone!!  

Ask for Old Plum Calicos at your local quilt shop!  

Here's a sneak peek at the quilt I designed using all of the prints in Old Plum Calicos.  The pattern is called Letters From Grace and will be available later this month.