Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Meet Rachel

Rachel's Tribute 2020 Block of the Month.  Designed by Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics
Sweet Rachel is finally making her debut!  

It's 1849 and Rachel, a 20 year old woman, is making this quilt as a surprise for her parents 25th wedding anniversary.  Rachel works as a teacher teaching young girls embroidery as they work their stitches on samplers.  She saved her pennies here and there to buy the needed fabric for the quilt.  Rachel works on this special quilt whenever she can, keeping it secret from her parents so she can surprise them on their big day.

Join the fun as you stitch Rachel's Tribute to her parents for yourself!   The quilt design was inspired by the many green and red quilts of the mid-nineteenth century.  It features just one lovely background print that gives the look of muslin but is much softer to the eye.  There are 9 different red prints and 9 different green prints, all designed especially for this quilt.  Each one cuter than the next!  Click here to see Rachel's Tribute fabrics.

As it is with so many of my quilt designs, this quilt looks harder to piece than it really is!  The feathered star is made with modern cutting and piecing techniques with no set-in seams.  No special rulers or tools are required.  The pieced setting triangles carry the red and green prints to the quilt edge with a chevron border giving a pretty frame to the quilt.  

Rachel's Tribute Block of the Month will be available only from participating quilt shops.  The nine month program begins in March, 2020 and will end in December.   Fabrics will be available in February, 2020.

I hope you love Rachel's Tribute as much as I do.  I have thoroughly enjoyed designing the quilt and all the fabrics that make it shine!  Rachel is being quilted right now, so watch for more photos to come.  

Rachel's Tribute will be in the Marcus Fabrics booth at quilt market, so if you're attending, please stop by to see it in person.  

It's wonderful to finally share Rachel with you.  I sincerely hope you like her and sign up to participate with your local shop. time you pop into the quilt shop, ask for Rachel's Tribute when you're there.  

Off to stitch a new quilt....Village Square...coming soon!  


  1. Oh Pam, it is gorgeous!! And, I love that it has those nice open spaces for lots of hand quilting!! Can't wait for March!!

  2. Well you certainly have hit it out of the park with this quilt! Just beautiful, Pam!!

  3. Looks so pretty, Pam! I can't wait to see the actual fabrics.

  4. Pam, I love the story and the beauty of this quilt. The greens and reds look lovely together. I'm sure there will be lots of these made. You rock!!!

  5. Wow! this is Amazing! Do you know your hidden name meaning ? Click here to find your hidden name meaning

  6. Love it! Need to add it to my to-do quilt list!

  7. This quilt is so pretty! I want would love to make this, I have always wanted to make a feathered star quilt. I love everything about this pattern. Good job Pam!