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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Get A Bunch of Your Favorite Colors!

From time to time, I select a bunch of pretty prints into what I lovingly call color bank bundles.  As we discussed in our comments from a couple of blog posts ago, we all lack certain colors in our stash, and this is an opportunity to stock up on some of the things you may be longing for.
Maybe you need some black prints?
Or a nice selection of reds?
All of us can always use lights and neutrals!
And....since those cheddars are so darn hard to find, I bundled those up, too!  There are several color bank bundles of blues and greens available as well.

Wanna check them out?  Click here to see what color bank bundles you just might need for your stash!  

Back to work and planning some really great stuff....coming soon!
Be well.....

Friday, February 21, 2020

Rachel & Sarah Winner

Oh, it was such fun to read all your comments!  Thank you all for taking the time to tell me your thoughts about what fabric type and colors you are wishing for.   Personally, I am always on the lookout for historic purples, dusty pinks and shirtings.  I also wish for more border prints and interesting stripes that can be cut into awesome sashings and borders.  They are very, very hard to find!!   

The good news is that the majority of you are going to be very happy quilters very soon as one of your most wanted fabrics is coming just months from now!!  I can barely stand it!  I want to share with you NOW....but I can't.  Soon...very soon.

If you were checking my blog to read the comments you were all leaving, and didn't see them right away, that's because about a year ago, I had to put a filter on comments.  I can then decide to allow or delete comments because I was getting a ton of spam, and had very raunchy things pop up, and had to do something to stop it.  So...once a day or so, I go in, and publish the good comments and delete the bad ones.  

Congratulations to GwynetteinNWArkasas.......my husband randomly chose her comment....

I love all the colors, but your shirtings are my favorites. They work so well with all the reds of yours I have. A lovely collection!!

Gwynette, please email Pam@HeartspunQuilts.com with your mailing address so I can send the Sarah's Dowry pattern, and the Rachel's Tribute fat eighth bundle to you.  

I read every one of your comments and enjoyed them all.  Thank you so much!

I also have something new to share with you!  This very pretty print is the one I chose for a 108" wide backing fabric.  Please check with your local quilt shop to see if they have it.  

It's 100% cotton...the same wonderful cotton Marcus Fabrics uses to print all of my other fabrics.  It's non-directional and would look just lovely as a backing.  

Back to dreaming up some fun stuff for me and you, to keep our sewing machines happy!  

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Rachel & Sarah

Rachel's Tribute BOM ~ by Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics
My 2020 BOM, called Rachel's Tribute is just beginning.  The fabric collection is arriving at your local quilt shop now.  Any and all shops have the fabric collection, not just shops doing the BOM.  I have to say....this is one of my favorite collections.  True, I do love them all, but I've made three quilts from this collection, and never tire of the sweet, little prints.  

The quilt above was designed to honor the lovely traditional red & green quilts made in the mid-nineteenth century.  Many were appliqued, and many were pieced like this one.  To truly replicate those traditional red & green quilts, I designed only one background print for this line.  Unusual to do that, but you understand why.  
Take a closer look at the Rachel's Tribute prints.
The prints are designed to work in any quilt, any time.  To blend well with scrappy quilts or work in a theme, like Christmas.  They're just really good nineteenth century prints!  
Sarah's Dowry quilt ~ By Pam Buda ~ Heartspun Quilts
I wanted to use the Rachel's Tribute fabrics in a totally different way from the BOM quilt and Sarah's Dowry is the quilt I designed.  It's fun...it's scrappy....it's lively!

It's not too late to join the BOM fun and sign up to make my Rachel's Tribute quilt!  Look for a participating quilt shop near you!  

Click here to order my Sarah's Dowry pattern.

Click here to order a Fat Quarter bundle of the entire Rachel's Tribute collection.

How about a give-away??

Post a comment about what color fabrics you
think are missing from your stash for a chance to win a Fat Eighth bundle and a Sarah's Dowry pattern.

Do you wish for more tonal backgounds? Shirtings?  Bubble gum pinks?  Neutral grays and taupes?  

Tell me what fabric you crave!  

I'll choose a random winner on Friday.

To be fair to everyone, you must post a comment to my blog as email entries are not allowed.

Can't wait to hear what you fabrics you're wishing for!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Bess' Flower Garden

Bess' Flower Garden ~ Red prints ~ Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics
I'd like to introduce you to Bess's Flower Garden.  The next new collection coming to your local quilt shops in just a few weeks!
Bess' Flower Garden ~ Light prints ~ Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics
Does Bess look a little familiar to you?
Bess' Flower Garden ~ Blue Prints ~ Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics
When talking with the execs at Marcus Fabrics one day, we all discovered we wanted to do a red, light and blue collection.  They suggested I recolor my favorite Mrs. Miller's Apprentice prints in red and add other favorite from recent lines.  So I did!!  

All of the reds were Mrs. Miller blues.  All of the lights and blues were recolored from many different past collections.  It would kinda be fun to have a questionnaire to see if you can identify what collections they all came from.

Wondering why I named the collection Bess' Flower Garden?  

If you made my Mrs. Miller's Apprentice quilt, you know it comes with a diary telling the story about Mrs. Miller and her apprentice.  Mrs. Miller's name in the story (and the real Mrs. Miller's name) is Elizabeth.  Because I recolored so many of those prints, and Bess is a nick name for Elizabeth, I came up with Bess' Flower Garden.  

Nomenclature is often a very difficult thing.  Sometimes the names come easily and sometimes you wrack your brain for an idea....any idea!!!  Bess was easy....and I think it's such a lovely collection of prints and colors.  I had such fun choosing prints and seeing them recolored from their original version.  

I've designed two new quilts using Bess' Flower Garden and will reveal them in the coming weeks.  They're being pieced now.  

Bess will be delivered to your local quilt shop the first of March...so not long from now!  Please ask for it at your local shop .....support your local quilt shop!  We love them and they need our business!!  

If and only if you can't find Bess at your local shop, I will have fat quarter bundles, yardage and kits for the two quilts.  So...stay tuned.  

In the meantime....Happy Stitches and be well.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Special Cheddar & Chocolate Precut!

A special delivery of 10 x 10 precuts made from my Cheddar & Chocolate collection just arrived!

This was a special precut and I only have a small amount of them.  I know many of you are scrap-quilt masters and prefer to collect the smaller precuts rather than fat quarter bundles.....so this cut is for you!  There are 42 pieces in this precut - two bonus prints!  Yay!

Click here to order before they're gone!  

Next post.....I'll introduce you to my friend, Bess.  You're gonna love her!

Be Well.....

Friday, February 7, 2020

My Most Cherished Quilt

Circa 1880 Nine Patch quilt ~ April, 2020 Issue ~ Courtesy of Meredith Corporation
When American Patchwork & Quilting magazine asked me to share my most cherished quilt with them, I was happy to tell them all about it!  
This is a new column in the magazine this year, and editor Jody Sanders shared her most cherished quilt in the last issue.  We all have those quilts that are special to us for any number of reasons.  Some for reasons we all have in common, and some you may be surprised as to why!  

Read why my Circa 1880 Nine Patch quilt is my Most Cherished Quilt in the new issue (April, 2020) of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine.....on newsstands today!!  

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Introducing ~ Vintage Treasures!!!

I'm thrilled to finally be able to show you my second book with Martingale Publishing.  

Vintage Treasures
Olde Postage ~ Vintage Treasures ~ Martingale Publishing
The book has twelve wonderful small quilts I sincerely hope will inspire you to pick up a needle (so to speak!) and make.
Conestoga Stitches ~ Vintage Treasures ~ Martingale Publishing
Some are super easy, and others will challenge your skills a little bit.  
Seneca Falls ~ Vintage Treasures ~ Martingale Publishing

There's a wide variety of techniques, blocks, settings and fabrics to pique your interest...
Hallow's Eve ~ Vintage Treasures ~ Martingale Publishing
And....some to make for a holiday!  I'll be showcasing the quilts and telling you a bit about each one in upcoming posts.

I invite you to PRE-ORDER a copy of my book, which will be personally autographed to you!
Little Treasure ~ FREE Bonus Quilt by Pam Buda HeartspunQuilts.com
And....if you order directly from me, you'll receive the pattern for this cutie pie little quilt I designed as a bonus for you....called Little Treasure.....absolutely FREE.  
Click here to PRE-ORDER your copy of Vintage Treasures and get the pattern for Little Treasure free.  

(If you want to order more items, I recommend placing a separate order for them, otherwise they will all be held until the book ships.)

You can see all of the Vintage Treasures book projects on my website here.  

Vintage Treasures will be released in April, so your book will ship to you in April the moment I receive delivery.

Thank you for your emails, blog comments and orders.  It allows me to keep doing all the things we love and I am truly grateful!!  

Be well and wishing you happy stitches!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

19th Century Prairie Pocket as Design Inspiration

I hunt antique stores and shows for vintage quilts and fabrics to reproduce in my fabric collections and you never know where inspiration may come.
I spotted this antique Prairie Pocket under a pile of linens.  First, I love the old pockets, and they're very hard to find, so I was immediately interested.  Closer examination of the fabric had me hooked!   The fabric is paper thin and very faded, but the design is wonderful!
I used this sweet fabric in my New Circa Essentials collection which is in your local quilt shops right now.  When I'm about to design a fabric, I have to think about every aspect of the fabric motif.  Do you see the honeycomb background texture?  Do I want to keep it or remove it?  What color(s) should it be?  How about the little vine? And the unusual motif itself....It has up to five colors...what should they be?  How many more versions of this print do I want?
Then, I have to ask the same series of questions to guide the Marcus Fabrics art department.  I settled on two colors; the green and the brown.  It's such a quintessential nineteeth century print and I adore it.  Hope you like it, too!  What other colors would you have created?  Do you think it would look good in any/every color?  That's all part of designing fabric, and you have to imagine it all done.... in your head...before you can even begin to create it.  
I wanted to examine the pocket more closely to see what it could tell me about the Prairie Woman who made it.  

From the photo above, notice it has one opening for the drawstring, not two (meaning an opening on both sides of the pocket.)  Had it had two openings, and a longer drawstring, I would assume it was worn underneath her skirts.  Back then, there were no inset pockets in dresses and skirts, but there would be an open slit in the skirt to access the pocket worn underneath, to keep money, handkerchief, glasses, etc.  

This pocket was likely tied to a bedpost where she would keep her brush, glasses, anything she wanted next to the bed.  Maybe even some stitching?  Could be anything.
A look inside reveals it was hand pieced.  Don't assume until you look as the treadle sewing machine came along in 1848.
The pocket has some holes....
And she did some rudimentary mending.
There's even some hair and fibers left inside from way back when.  

I hope you liked seeing just one item that served as design inspiration for my New Circa Essentials collection.  
Here are all the New Circa Essentials prints.
Here are the companion New Circa Shirting prints.  Both are available in yardage here.
I also have a few Fat Quarter Bundles still available here.  

If you like the fabrics, this collection is already sold out at Marcus, so get to your LQS or buy here.  Soon, they'll be gone, gone, gone.