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Thursday, June 25, 2020

A Circa 1880 Nine Patch Find!!

A few weeks ago, the folks at Marcus Fabrics warehouse were cleaning and rearranging things and found an entire box of my original Circa 1880 Nine Patch kits, complete with Aged Muslin background, the original red print border and a fat quarter bundle of the original Circa Prairie Basics and Shirtings!!  
They asked me if I wanted to buy them?  Heck, yeah!
The kit comes complete with the Circa 1880 Nine Patch pattern and template set, too.
The Circa 1880 Club also has a private Facebook group for club members.  (You must purchase the Circa 1880 Nine Patch quilt pattern and template set for entry to the private club.)  We share loads of tips and tricks for organizing and piecing your quilt.  How members can trade blocks if they like, and see how everyone's quilt is progressing.  Many have already completed their Circa 1880 Nine Patch quilt!  Some have made theirs using different setting fabrics, some have made theirs king size!!  It's a great place to share your Circa experience!  

It was a real find coming upon this box of Circa goodies and it won't happen again.  I only have this limited amount of original Circa kits while supplies last.  

The Circa 1880 Nine Patch pattern, template set, Aged Muslin (a one-of-a-kind by Marcus Fabrics)  and small club quilt pattern set is available in a variety of ways.  

Click here to browse my Circa 1880 Club offerings.  

The piecing and writing of my new BOM continues.  Gosh...I'm in mad love with these fabrics.  I can not wait to show you the fabrics, the quilt, and tell you about the program.  I hope I can in a few weeks after Marcus Fabrics releases the news.  They, of course, have first dibs on showing off!  

My friend and sewing helper, Deb (who is an awesome piecer!) is merrily working on the new quilt using Plumberry.  I'll be posting photos of the blocks very soon.  It's always so fun to see the fabric in real quilt blocks.  

I have found time to fit in a new surprise freebie for you.  I'm almost done and will likely post it July 1st.  Stay tuned right here to my blog..., although, I am planning to show a sneak peek on Instagram before July 1st...so follow me on Instagram!  

Other than that, I am trying to really enjoy my summer.  I make it a point to be outside on the patio at least once a day.  We had a whole lot of rain over the weekend, so now the lawns look lush, and the flowers are happy.  (I was pretty happy too, not having to water them all!)

I hope you are enjoying your summer as well, and getting to stitch at least once a day.  The bummer of this summer is that we just don't have those picnics and grad parties to attend because of you know what.  It's sad not to have these things to look forward to.  Are you feeling the same way?  Chicagoland/Illinois, where I live, will be progressing to phase 4 tomorrow.  I'm not so sure I'm ready to be in big crowds just yet.  My heart wants to, but my mind says caution is a good thing.  We'll see as time goes by.

As always, I hope you stay safe, keep stitching and most of all, be well.


  1. Well I feel like this post is especially for me after I tried twice to buy this kit and two shops didn't respond to my emails! I'd like to buy a kit, Pam, but I need to wait until our US/Canada border opens up. Is this a possibility? I also haven't been able to buy the Rachel quilt because of the closed border. I haven't had much luck, have I??? Thanks!!

  2. Wow--what an exciting find!
    I am really anxious for the new Plumberry and look forward to see what you have designed for it. I made my first visit Saturday over to VDG since February, and I had them put me down for a FQ bundle of Plumberry!

  3. Are the “found” kits gone already?

  4. What a wonderful find, Pam. I am not ready yet either for the crowd scene. Northwest Arkansas is a 'hot spot' right now. We live far enough into the mountains that we hardly see anyone until we go to the post office and sometimes we see no one if we just open our P O box and leave. Strange times. Thankfully, I have quilting to occupy me. Take care!!

  5. That's so cool for them to find that complete kit! And I'm looking forward to seeing those Plumberry fabrics in a quilt. So exciting!!