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Friday, June 25, 2021

Abigail's Sew Along ~ Part Five

Welcome to the last post in making our Abigail's Doll Quilt.  This is the fun and exciting part....where we assemble all of the parts we've made, and make the quilt top!

This is a very unusual little quilt to assemble.  I truly believe my Abigail was cut from a larger quilt, and the way it was cut, and the layout of the blocks and such, is exactly what I love about it.  It's very unique.  The making of the center may seem odd to you...and it is, but follow the directions in the pattern, and you'll be just fine.  If you're just joining our Abigail's Doll Quilt Sew-along, you join us by getting the quilt directions here

Arrange the blocks, cornerpost units, blue print rectangles, and Aged Muslin setting triangles exactly as show.  You're sewing the units together in a diagonal setting.  Your quilt top should look like mine in the above photo.

Grab a disappearing marker or chalk pencil, and a ruler.

Align the ruler 1/4 inch from all of the block points (see the black line in the photo) and continue marking the line all the way to the top and bottom edges of the quilt.  

Do this on all four sides of the quilt.  

The corners of your doll quilt will be appear from the drawn lines meeting at the corners of the quilt.  See the corner of the photo above. 

BEFORE you do anything else, I highly recommend stay stitching just inside the seam allowance on all four sides of the quilt.  Notice the stay stitching in my photos.  When you trim your quilt, there will be exposed bias edges which can stretch.  We certainly don't want that!  So, the stay stitching will stabilize the quilt center and help prevent stretching.  

Now you have a choice.  You can trim the quilt now if you like, or wait to trim until after you have quilted the quilt.  Personally, I would wait until the quilt was quilted as it would be even more stable.  

 And, now...you have your very own Abigail's Doll Quilt!!  I hope you enjoyed making this sweet little quilt.  She's not your ordinary doll quilt, which makes her even more special if you ask me.

Here is my antique Abigail, with her namesake sampler, as she is in my home.  

I have more Quilt Archaeology projects planned for a little later this year.  I presently working on the first project for my new Teeny, Tiny Quilt Club coming soon.

IN THE STUDIO this week.....I have completed a new fabric collection for next year, and am now working on the next one.  Because of YOU, I am able to continue designing fabrics for our quilting pleasure.  Thank you!!  

Also.....I have a real problem with not enough space to store new stuff coming soon.  So.....I have some quilt kits on SALE.....35% off!  There's only a few of each left....and perhaps they are calling you to Make Me, Make Me!!  

Shop Sale Quilts Kits Here.

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.  Be well, my friends.....


Monday, June 21, 2021

Hands To Work Comes Home


Hands To Work Quilt by Pam Buda ~ Heartspun Quilts
I'm so very happy that my Hands To Work quilt is back home from being quilted.  My quilter and friend, Ronda, always does a superb job, and I am thrilled with how the quilt looks with its Baptist Fan quilting.  The perfect traditional quilt pattern for this quilt, and the one used on the antique, too!

This is a photo of the antique quilt that was my inspiration.  

I had such fun playing with fabric combinations for each block....

....there are so many different ways you can make the block.

Not a bad one in the bunch!

No matter what fabrics I put together, they all played well with each other.

Pre-orders for Hands To Work quilt kit ended yesterday.  If you're wishing you had ordered a kit for yourself, you can email me Pam@HeartspunQuilts.com to be added to a wait list.  I can't guarantee a kit, but will try to make one for you if possible.  For those of you who pre-ordered, rest assured you're all set.  

The Hands To Work pattern will be available soon.  A bit of a delay here in getting my graphics done....life does sometimes get in the way, but I'm hoping in 2 weeks they will be ready. 

Fat Quarter bundles of the complete Farmer's Daughter fabric collection are ready to ship right now!  

There's an assortment of Bubble Gum pinks and blues.....

....reds and light prints.....

....soft gray prints and an assortment of blacks.  

And, of course, the pretty Mourning print.

Please look for, and ask for Farmer's Daughter at your favorite quilt shop.  I always want you to buy from your LQS first.  If your shop doesn't carry my fabric, then buy from me....but we must support our quilt shops!!  They are very special places and we want them to be around a long, long time.

Click here for Farmer's Daughter Fat Quarter bundles.

Keep your needle busy and your heart content....Be well my friends.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Abigail's Sew Along ~ Part Four

 We're humming along on our Quilt Archaeology adventure.  Our blocks are now all complete and we are onto the last step in preparation for assembly!  Yay!

This week, we're making our pieced cornerposts.  Easy, peasy!  

Gather (2) Half Square Triangles and (2) Aged Muslin squares.  Sew a Half Square Triangle to an Aged Muslin square; press to the square.  Make (2) units.  

Sew the units together as shown to make the cornerpost unit.  Repeat to make a total of (7) cornerpost units.

That's it!  Next week....we'll put them all together into our wonderful quilt.  I sincerely hope you are enjoying our quilting together....I know I am!!

IN THE STUDIO.....I am preparing for the delivery of the sample fabric of my new Prairie Dry Goods collection.  And what a collection it is!  Forty four prints in the widest variety of colors I've ever done.  I am beyond jazzed to work with it, and can't wait to show you!!  

I'm also designing the first quilt in my new series, Teeny, Tiny Quilts.  Hope to have that coming soon.  Trying also to enjoy a bit of summer each and every day.  

Keep your needle busy and your heart content....Be well....

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Hands To Work Quilt Kit Pre-Order

 Hands To Work Quilt ~ Farmer's Daughter Fabric Collection
Long, long ago, I saw this truly unique antique quilt and it really stuck with me.  I adore everything about this quilt, and knew I wanted to reproduce it, and a collection of fabrics to go with it.

The unusual pairing of reds, pinks, blacks, blues and gray prints against the Mourning print is so stunning.  The block, and the seemingly endless options with fabrics, only makes it all the better!  

And so.....my Farmer's Daughter fabric collection came to be!

Since the Mourning print has such a huge role in the quilt, I knew it had to be special.  I wanted a simple, non-directional print and found just that in this lovely old berry design.  
Here is what the original antique fabric looks like....it always was a Mourning print. 


If you don't know what a Mourning print is.....way back in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, folks in mourning over the loss of a loved one, wore black or grey clothes for many months...often a year to show their grief.  Hence the term, Mourning prints.  There are many Mourning print in my vintage quilts, but I really don't see a whole quilt like this where the Mourning print is the main background.  That's why I adore this quilt!  

The antique quilt has blues and pinks.....

lights and reds......

....blacks and grays.  I love the prints in this collection and they all played together so well in the blocks.  Oh, yes....about the block....

If I were making this block 100+ years ago, I would have cut diamond shapes and sewed the block with Y seams.  

Nope....not gonna happen for today's quilters!  So, I redrafted the block so there are NO diamonds to cut or dreaded Y seams to sew!  

There's an endless number of ways you can play with the positioning of the fabrics, and the colors.....

So very fun to play with them.  No matter how I played with fabric, and position, there isn't a bad block in the bunch!

The quilt is being finished as I write this, so I don't have a photo of my finished quilt just yet.  (I'll post more photos on Instagram and Facebook once the quilt comes home.)

This is my Electric Quilt design of my Hands To Work quilt.  It looks much darker than it really is because EQ compresses the prints/colors when you want to see the whole quilt.  Refer to the block photos and fabric photos for the real coloring of the quilt.  

I named the quilt, Hands To Work, after the phrase 'hands to work, hearts to God,' because when we are hurt, sad, grieving....we often turn to our sewing....keeping our hands busy to get through those tough times.  I thought it was a very fitting name.

The quilt size is about 77 x 90. 

If you love Hands To Work as much as I do, you can PRE-ORDER a kit for a very limited time.  My Farmer's Daughter fabric collection is available now, so once I know how many kits are ordered, I can place my order for the fabric.  I expect to be shipping your kit to you mid-July.

You can reserve your Hands To Work quilt kit with a $50 non-refundable deposit.  Read all the order details and place your order hereThis offer ends Sunday, June 20thKits will NOT be available unless you pre-order one.  

Thank you for your continued support of my patterns and fabrics for Marcus Fabrics!

Please patronize your local quilt shop, and ask for Farmer's Daughter fabrics there.  

In the studio.....I am working on the quilt directions for my next quilt, Needle & Thread, featuring a brand new collection of glorious basics!  Wait until you see that collection....be still my heart!

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.....Be well

Friday, June 11, 2021

Abigail's Sew Along ~ Part Three

Time is flying by....way too fast as it always does.  I hope you're enjoying your summer thus far, and finding a little time to sew here and there.

Now that you have all your rows sewn and measured, it's time to make blocks.  

Sew four rows together to make one block measuring 4 1/2" square.  Repeat to make a total of (8) blocks.  Done for the week!  We're in the home stretch now.

In The Studio this week..... I have finished a new FREEBIE pattern featuring my Folk Art Star, Primitive Plaid and Primitive Traditions fabrics!  

Folk Art Star Table Toppers

You can download the pattern and take it to your favorite quilt shop to buy the fabrics needed to make the Folk Art Star Table Topper of your choice! 

Each Folk Art Star topper has a big star center and just three simple borders.  Just the right size to decorate your table, kitchen island, or use as a picnic quilt, or campfire cuddler.  Super easy to make....so make them all!!  

Click here for my Folk Art Star Table Topper pattern.  It's FREE!

My Country Meadow collection is in.....at last!  I have fat quarter bundles here and yardage available here for the entire collection.  

Watch for news about my new Farmer's Daughter fabric collection and an opportunity to Pre-Order the gorgeous Hands to Work quilt in my next blog post!

Have a wonderful week....and Be Well....


Friday, June 4, 2021

Abigail's Sew Along ~ Part Two

 Did you make Half Square Triangles in your sleep last week?  I don't mind making them at all....you sew, and sew, and sew while watching a good movie.  Win, win!

Back when Abigail would have been learning to stitch and piece, her mama would have given her an assignment of work, and she would have called it a stint.

Here's your stint for the week. You have a lot of chain sewing.  That does not mean there's no work involved, though.  I am a stickler for measure, measure, measure!!  Do as much work as you're comfy doing, just promise me you'll measure along the way.  You will be highly rewarded for it with perfect blocks.

Sew a plain Aged Muslin square to a Half Square Triangle exactly as shown; press to the plain square.

Each and every pair should measure 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" unfinished.  Watch to make sure the patchwork was sewn straight....that you didn't loose your 1/4 inch seam half way, causing the seam to be larger or smaller....you know what I mean??  If they are not perfect.....it's a very short seam,  rip it out, and do it again.  This is exactly how you get better and better as a quilter.

Once you have sewn two pairs together exactly as shown, measure to be sure the row is 1 1/2" x 4 1/2" unfinished.  

You will need (32) rows.  If you'd like to work ahead, consult the pattern.  Otherwise, you're doing great!!

In the studio this week, I am working on my new quilt for my Farmer's Daughter fabric collection.  I'll have more goodies to show you in a day or so.  Stay tuned!

Enjoy your weekend.....and be well!