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Monday, December 27, 2021

Surprise Fabric Sale!!!

Surprise!!  All of my fabric on the bolt, sold in 1/2 yard increments, is 20% off!!  

Shop now thru Wednesday, December 29th.  

Fabric and a sale?!!  What's not to love?!    

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Prices on my website reflect the 20% discount.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Glad Tidings ~ Part Three

 Another week has passed and I hope you found a little time for yourself to sew this past week.  I did! I spent quite a bit of time last Saturday, and snuck in some time here and there during the week to sew.  It just feels so fulfilling to me.

Let's get started on finishing our sweet little quilt!

Arrange your six blocks like the photo above.  Sew the blocks into rows; press.  Sew the rows together; press. Check your pattern for the quilt center measurements as we need to know them for the next step. 

Sew the side borders to the quilt; press.  Sew the cornerpost squares to the top/bottom borders; press to the border.  Then, sew the top/bottom borders to the quilt top.  It's so cute already!
Add the Aged Muslin border and your Glad Tidings quilt top is complete!  Yay!!
These little quilts don't really need a whole lot of quilting, but I chose to hand quilt mine because I really need the practice.  
I just chose to quilt a few simple designs because, quite frankly, that's all I know how to do. 
It never ceases to amaze me how textiles warm a vignette.  There's just nothing like it. This charming quilt is just perfect for my kitchen display.  I love it!  (In case you're wondering, the wool Tree Farm pillow was a free pattern on my blog many years ago, and the "And To All A Good Night" cross stitch is by Blackbird Designs.) 

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed making Glad Tidings with me.  It's a pleasure to sew along with all of you and bring these old quilts to a new life.  Please post photos of your quilt on social media with the #QuiltArchaeology hashtag.  We would all enjoy seeing each other's quilts!

I wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday season, and most of all, a healthy New Year.  

Keep your needle busy and your heart content!  

Friday, December 10, 2021

Glad Tidings ~ Part Two

 Gee...is it just me, or are the weeks flying by even faster this time of year?  So much to do and not enough time.  That said, it's good for us to take a little 'me time' to sew after all we're doing for our family and friends.

Knowing how busy you are, our task this week will be another quick one.  Let's get started!

Sew (2) Two Patch units together into a Four Patch.  Make a total of (12) of them.  Check measurements stated in the pattern.  

Note:  There is an error in the pattern where it says to make (24) Four Patch units.  Change that to (12) please!  

Sew (12) red Half Square Triangles to (12) Four Patch units exactly as shown.  Check your measurements.

Sew (2) of the previous units together to make a block.  Make (6) blocks and check you measurements.  That's it!  All of the blocks are done, and next week we will assemble the quilt top.  I hope you feel this sewing has been do-able as you prepare for the holiday.  

I'm happy to find a few minutes each day to sew for myself.  Ya know, when I was making the Circa 1880 Nine Patch quilt a few years ago, I started early in the morning each day in my sewing room sewing strips or blocks.  Gotta say, that was a wonderful way to start each day.  No matter what else happen that day, I had already clocked some 'me time' and it felt great.  Somehow, that habit faded away, and I'm thinking I need to make time for me in the morning again.  Maybe your best time is at the end of the day, or during a lunch break?  Whenever it is, we owe it to ourselves to do what makes us happy and fulfilled!  Even if it's only for 15 minutes.  

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.  Stay safe out there, my friends, and be well.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Glad Tidings ~ Part One

 Hi Dear Quilting Friend,

Such a super busy time of year!  I hope you all had a pleasant Thanksgiving with family and friends.  So much better than this time last year, although it seems we must still be vigilant in protecting ourselves from the Covid menace.  

After Thanksgiving, my family and I go right into Christmas decorating mode.  At last, the house is all decked out, and I feel better with all those boxes put away.  Still a lot left to do, and while we all prepare for our holiday, I hope we can steal a few minutes for ourselves, and sew something special, which brings me to our Glad Tidings Sew-along.

I really like this project because it will be super quick to piece.  If you find more time, and want to sew ahead...please do!  Better to get it done, relax and enjoy than not get it done.  If you need a little reminder and a bit of motivation, follow along with me as we make Glad Tidings in three weeks.

Follow along in your Glad Tidings pattern to make a total of (6) Half Square Triangles.
Next step is to sew the Aged Muslin strip to your green strip.  Then, subcut (24) Two Patches as directed in the Glad Tidings pattern.  That's it for this week!  

If you're hearing about the sew-along now, it's not too late to join us.  You can get the Glad Tidings pattern here.


I am preparing for my brand new Pinks of the Past sample yardage to arrive any day now.  The Love & Hope basket quilt pattern is being written now, and then we will begin piecing this very pretty quilt.

I'll try to post some pictures on Instagram and Facebook.  The fabrics are oh so different, and really very old.  I have several that I can share what the vintage fabric looks like and how I had it reproduced.  Yummy stuff!  

Plans are also in the works for another Monday's With Marcus event coming in January,  more sew-alongs from me, and of course, new fabric lines to keep our creative hearts happy. 

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.....and please!  Be safe, and be well....

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Quilt Archaeology ~ Glad Tidings REVEALED!!!!


Today is the Big Reveal of the quilt I have chosen for my next Quilt Archaeology event!!  I named this quilt..... Glad Tidings.

My Prairie Dry Goods fabric collection was the perfect match for Glad Tidings!  The truth is you can make just about any quilt from Prairie Dry Goods, what with that luscious range of colors in historic reproduction prints!  I will definitely be making more quilts from Prairie Dry Goods.

Here is the antique quilt that inspired Glad Tidings.  I thought it was the perfect little Christmas quilt that can be pieced in a jiffy.  It will only take us three weeks to make the quilt and we'll be finished by Dec 17th.  Quilt size is 14 1/2 x 16 1/2 inches.

I hope you love Glad Tidings as much as I do.  As with every Quilt Archaeology event, I offer a FREE KIT for this exact quilt with a qualifying order.....and, you can sew along with me in the weeks to come.  So, settle somewhere comfy while I tell you all the details.  

Starting right now, and through Sunday, November 21st,  place an order totaling $45 or more (not including shipping) on my website for anything you'd like, and you will automatically receive a Glad Tidings kit with your order!!  Nothing to add to your cart.  I'll take care of it all on my end.  

My Glad Tidings pattern is a FREE digital download.  Whether you're making the quilt with the FREE kit, or would like to make the quilt using your own fabrics, be sure to download the pattern before Monday, September 22nd.  After that, it will be available for a nominal fee.  So, get it while it's FREE!  Click here for the Glad Tidings pattern.

The Glad Tidings Sew-along begins Friday, December 3rd right here on my blog.  Be sure to sew-along with me.  We will motivate one another to get this little cutie pieced.  I highly recommend preparing your fabric yardage (before cutting anything!) with spray starch or sizing.  This helps immensely with every step, from cutting to piecing.

Let me show you all of the new quilting goodies you can choose from at Heartspun Quilts!
Prairie Dry Goods is available in yardage, Fat Quarter bundles and 10 x 10 precuts.  How can you not have them all to play with???  Personally, I can't get enough of this collection.
Cheddar & Coal yardage is also available.....
....and many new color bank bundles like this one in browns....
....and this one in shades of yellow to gold.....
.....and this one is shades of pink!  It's been a very, very long time since I've had a pink color bank.

There's a lot to choose from with fabric, patterns, books and notions.  I can't wait to get started making Glad Tidings!  You, too?  Click here to shop.

Thank you all for your continued support of my little company.  I just don't know where I would be without you!  The free pattern and free quilt kit is my Thank You gift for your support.  I know you have a lot of choices when shopping for quilting goodies, and I appreciate you more than you know!  

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.  Be well....

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Quilt Archaeology Coming Soon!!

 I'm so excited to offer another Quilt Archaeology!  That means, I have 'dug up' another old quilt to replicate.  

The big reveal will be Friday, November 19th.  

You will receive a FREE Quilt Archaeology quilt kit with a $45 purchase on my website!!!  

The quilt pattern will also be a FREE digital download from Friday, Nov 19th through Sunday, Nov 21st.

So mark your calendar, and let's meet right back here Friday morning.  

Friday, November 5, 2021

Decorating With Quilts Idea

 Awhile ago, I was rummaging around an antique shop and found...

....this old towel hanger.  Hhmmm.....I know just what to do with this!

A new coat of paint....

....a drill and two screws.

And, Voila!  I have a tiny quilt crane to display a favorite quilt.

If I had just the right corner, I could display two quilts.  I love it, and hope it sparks inspiration for you.  You never know what you'll find when hunting antiques!

Fat quarter bundles of Cheddar & Coal are now available!!  

Click here to order one before they're gone.

In The Studio This Week....there's a lot going on but not much new to report.  Working on shipping orders, planning events for next year, getting some design ideas together for new fabrics and quilts, you know...the usual.  It's a slower time of year, and I'm welcoming it.  Once Thanksgiving is here, we all begin preparing for the Christmas holiday, so there's nothing slow about that!  I'll enjoy the lull while it lasts.

Keep your needle busy and your heart content....Be well!

Friday, October 29, 2021

Dear Prudence Sew~Along Part Four

 Hi~  I trust your blocks are all made and looking pretty.  I do so love this part of quilt making, when you get to lay out the blocks, and setting, and get the first look at what the quilt will really look like!

I lay the blocks out on the design wall and place the setting triangles....then the moving of blocks begins.  This part I don't enjoy because you move, and move, trying not to place two of the same fabrics together....and then you move again.  Ugh!  Even with a totally scrappy quilt, you'll end up having two reds together or something that will drive you crazy.  Then, I think of all of the quilts I have made....when I snuggle under them, do I think about those two fabrics together?  Nope!  So, I try my best, and then resign not to sweat the small stuff.  How about you?

You are welcome to follow my block layout or arrange them as you desire.

Follow the instructions in the Dear Prudence pattern and add your borders.  Isn't she sweet?

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed making Dear Prudence.  I think she's adorable, and I thank you all for sewing along with me.  If you're just now finding out about this little quilt, you can get the pattern here.

In The Studio This Week......

We are knee deep in folding, packaging, boxing and shipping Walnut Hollow and Tokens-Halloween Spirit quilt kit orders.  That is our main focus!  Additionally, I am working on new fabric lines for next year, a new BOM, a few more Quilt Archaeology events and a new Teeny, Tiny Quilt Club project for right after the New Year.

Because of you and your support, I can keep creating fun things for us to do together.  And, after 19 months of staying home, my family and I are taking a much needed vacation to see family in CA.  

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.  Be well, my friends.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Dear Prudence Sew~Along Part Three

 I hope your Birds in the Air blocks are coming right along.  Did you use the Seam Align glue?  How do you like it??  I hope you found it super helpful with the points of the triangles.  No doubt by now, you've got this block mastered!

This week's assignment is to complete the remaining blocks with the two gray fabrics....

 and the two black fabrics.  Next week, we will sew the quilt together.  Prudence is coming along nicely!

In The Studio this week......

I'm delighted to announce that my Tokens of the Past~Halloween Spirit pattern is finished!  Oh, I am jazzed about how great these little quilts turned out.

Both the Tokens of the Past~Halloween Spirit pattern......
...and the Walnut Hollow pattern are available now!!  

Friday, October 15, 2021

Dear Prudence Sew~Along Part Two

 I hope you had some "me" time to sew all of your Half Square Triangles and trim them all to 1 1/2" square.  You're ready to begin making your Birds in the Air blocks.

They can be a little tricky but have confidence!  Sew slowly if you'd feel better.  Sewing accurately is all about having control over your patchwork.  

Arrange (3) Half Square Triangles, all of one matching dark print, and (3) pink triangles (previously cut once diagonally) as shown.

Sew the pieces for the block into rows.  Use your Patchwork Pins (very thin and made for sewing patchwork.)  Gently press (you have exposed bias edges on those small pink triangles, so press gently so as not to stretch the raw edge) the rows in opposite directions to create opposing seams.  

Sew the rows together; press.

You triangle unit should look like this.

The next step is to sew the large dark triangle to the pieced triangle unit.  We're dealing with two pieces that are all bias edges.
Gently match the two triangles right sides together.  Pin the center using Fine Patchwork Pins (they are different from all other pins.  They're extraordinary in that they go thru fabric so easily, lay flat and don't distort the fabric when you sew over them!!)  Click here to read more.

Using your Seam Align glue... 

Lift the top fabric away from the bottom fabric (my sample doesn't have the top fabric so you can easily see where the glue goes.)  Squeeze a little drop of glue, within the seam allowance, at the very tip of the triangle.  Then, finger press the two fabric tips together.  If you need to nudge and move the two fabric tips into position so they are in perfect alignment, do so.  Then repeat with the fabric tips on other end.  Allow the glue to dry a minute before sewing.  

A note about the Seam Align glue....if you need to pull the fabrics apart for any reason, you can, just do so gently.  The glue won't clog your needle, and will wash out when you wash the quilt.  You can use as much of the glue along any seam line as you'd like.  I use it for all the triangle tips I sew, and there are many.  With the glue keeping those points glued together, it eliminates the nasty problem of the points separating just when you're sewing them!!  Love it!  Click here to order.
You can see the dark dot of glue at the points of the blue fabric.
Sew your block together.
Press to the dark print triangle.  Measure your block.
Repeat these steps to make (3) Birds in the Air of the same matching blue print.
Then, make the (3) blocks of the other blue print.  

I hope this tutorial will help you make perfect, pretty Birds in the Air blocks!  I also hope you find the Seam Align glue very helpful, as I do.  Your Dear Prudence quilt is off to a great start!

In The Studio This Week......I am anxiously awaiting delivery of my Cheddar & Coal fabrics.  They are shipping any day now.  Once delivered, I have a boat load of cutting to do, which is exciting!  I'm also working on many future projects I can't share right now....but soon! 

Good stuff in the works.  Keep your needle busy and your heart content!  Be well, my friends.